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How to make yogurt with a yogurt maker2

How to make yogurt with a yogurt maker

Almost majority of us are into the idea of making yogurt on our own along with the help of yogurt maker. Many are not into trying to do so knowing that it could be a bit hard to do a yogurt but with using yogurt maker, things will be a lot easier and faster. With the said equipment, there would be a fact that you are to create fabulous and delicious yogurts without any hassle.

In addition, making yogurt at home could as well be easy, fun and could help you save a lot of money as well. In making yogurt at home, consider having the use of a yogurt maker for the process to be fast and easy. There is a need for you to have milk and yogurt starter culture. And yogurt making would not require any other specialized equipment aside from considering yogurt maker.

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What is yogurt maker?

What is a yogurt makerYogurt maker is the best equipment to be used in making yogurt and it would allow safest as well as timeliest incubation of the yogurt bacteria as well. You could have numbers of options when it comes to yogurt maker.

In fact, there are three main types of this machine.

The first one is the resistance and untimed heated yogurt makers and are considered to be popular due to its low cost.

The second one is the temperature regulating ones which are considered to be more expensive since they have thermostats, thermometers and controls that enables in maintaining the settings of the temperatures.

And the last one is the yogurt makers that add controls and timers into the variable yogurt maker applying heat into the containers within a variable time.

Consider the following step by step procedure on how to make yogurt with a yogurt maker:

  • Consider finding out how much milk you would need based on the instructions of the yogurt maker. Use whole or skim milk and then add cup powdered and dry milk for every quart. Heat the amount of milk that the yogurt maker could hold into a crock pot on low overnight. You could as well do the same thing into stove within a double-boiler. Consider bringing it to froth stage or in between of 180 to 200F. Keep it within the said temperature for almost ten minutes. If you want to consider, every gallon of milk you could add a pinch of salt and a cup of sugar. With this, bacteria would work and would improve the taste of the yogurt having not to decrease the nutritional value.
  • Cool down the milk into just under 120F. There is a need for you to have a thermometer knowing that temperatures are of great importance. The milk would now be referred as tempered milk.
  • Now, blend part of the tempered milk and the 2tbsp of yogurt culture for almost ten seconds into the blender. This would be referred as the starter. The culture might be considered as store-bought yogurt along with live cultures into it. It could also be from prior yogurt or as packets of yogurt culture you bought on local health food store or online. This step is considered to be of great important since the culture would have the bacteria in it which you need in order to be distributed throughout your yogurt. The final yogurt might taste faintly due to the flavor you use. Keep the amount of the yogurt culture under five tablespoons or you might have risk curding the milk right before it begins to turn as yogurt. Remember that yogurt has acid into it that could curdle milk.
  • Now, pour the starter to the rest of the tempered milk and then stir for almost ten seconds along with whisk.
  • Pour the milk into clean containers or jars and then put them in the yogurt maker. In order to start it going, there is a need for you to follow the instructions coming from the yogurt maker.
  • In order to find out whether the yogurt is ready for almost after two hours, consider slightly jiggle one among the jars in order to see if it is firm and once it is, then it is ready. You could as well consider letting it go longer for almost 12 hours or more in order to increase the cultures into the yogurt and then make it tarter.
  • Once you are ready, take out the jars and then put them into the refrigerator to cool and then set further. You could already add fruit, flavourings and some other items such as granola.
  • And save part of the yogurt intended for the next batch. Right after 5 or many batches, you might want to start fresh in order to ensure that the cultures don’t degrade.

Those are the steps that you might want to consider once you are planning to make yogurt with the use of yogurt maker. Being guided with the above mentioned steps could lead you to delicious and great yogurt.

Using Yogurt Maker

There are numbers of individuals that would consider the use of yogurt maker which could supply heat into the yogurt making process with the use of electricity. And the process could be as simply as below:

  • The containers of the tempered and cooled dairy product which is usually plain milk as well as containing yogurt bacteria would be placed into the said yogurt maker.
  • There will be supplied cover in order to keep in the heat and so maintains the containers within temperature that allows the bacteria into the tempered diary product in the containers grow as well as thrive in making yogurt.
  • Based on the bacterial strains that are used and also the temperature of the dairy product, it will firm up into a yogurt consistency. This might take almost two hours and could last for 12 hours and longer. If you consider shorter time then the result might be less tart yogurts while longer hours might provide completion of the bacterial growth.
  • And once the yogurt got the desired consistency, the containers would be removed from the yogurt maker and would be placed into the refrigerator in order to cool down for storage up until consumed.

Using yogurt maker in making yogurt could be your best option in order to make the process a lot easier, faster and fun as well.

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