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Fleck 5600 SXT 64,000 Grains Water Softener Review

The Fleck 5600 SXT 64,000 Grains Water Softener is probably a considerable choice for you if you are looking for something with a higher rating for its water softening tank capacity. In this article, we are going to take a look into some of its features to help you with your buying decision.

Features and Benefits

Below is the benefits and features of the Fleck 5600 SXT 64,000 Grains Water Softener:

  1. 64,000-grain rating. Compared to units that are only rated 24,000, 32,000, 40,000, or 48,000, this is a higher capacity water softener in its rating, which means that it can be good for heavy-duty use or for larger families and households.
  1. Large 12 x 48-inch tank. Its main tank is quite good for those homes who need a lot of water softening, such as larger families.
  1. Three colors to choose from. From blue, black, and almond white, you can choose your preferred color depending on the design or the motif of your kitchen countertop.
  1. A 15 x 33-inch brine tank. Aside from its main tank, it also has a large brine tank, which helps to speed up the process of softening the water.
  1. Has a rating of 1.5 cubic feet with 8% resin. This rating is quite okay for most water softeners out there, since it is capable of handling medium to heavy-duty use.
  1. Metered system reduces salt use and wastewater. There is no guesswork needed with this unit since it has an on-demand metered system. It lowers wastewater because of its water measuring apparatus and it also lessens the need to add too much salt, which is good news for those who don’t want a lot of sodium in their water.
  1. Easy LCD screen controls. It has simply up and down buttons as well as a confirmation button below the LCD screen, in which the digital display is very easy to read, backlit, and the settings are simple to understand.
  1. Reliable warranty period. A 5-year warranty is guaranteed for the valve and a 10-year warranty for the tanks. This is a plus point since it will guarantee you a replacement for both the tank and valve since they are the ones that usually get broken or overused.

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Pros and Cons

Here are the good and (somewhat) bad points of the Fleck 5600 SXT 64,000 Grains Water Softener to help you decide:


  1. It has a water meter system. This can help to save up on wastewater, as contrary to most water softeners or water treatment systems, as well as lessen on the sodium content. This is because it measures its water input as well as the salt content so that it will be just right.
  1. The warranty period is long. With a 10-year warranty on its tanks, it is going to be a great buy overall since you will have a peace of mind even when one of the tanks break. This is because its tanks are the heart of the process and without them, your system will not work properly. Its valve also has a 5-year warranty to add to that.
  1. The mineral tank is made of fiberglass material. Because fiberglass is not only durable but also lightweight, the setup is going to be a breeze. Fiberglass is the same material that is used for most boat pieces and components.
  1. It comes preloaded with resin. You don’t have to do much since it already comes preloaded. Just follow the instructions on how to set it up and it is ready to go.
  2. The controls are easy. The backlit LCD screen is easy to read and the control buttons are straightforward for setting the unit up.


  1. May alter the water pressure sometimes. Depending on your connection, there have been a few complaints that it may sometimes alter your water pressure. This is given since most water softeners have this con in one way or another, but the effect is very minimal and not enough to be a deal-breaker.
  1. It still uses salt. If you want a water softener that is salt-free, then this isn’t one. There are other different water softeners out there that don’t use salt, though, although they may not be as effective as the salt-based ones like this unit.


As a whole, the Fleck 5600 SXT 64,000 Grains Water Softener is quite a good choice for a heavy-duty water softener for home or commercial use. Its powerful grain rating and easy controls allow it to be a hassle-free unit.

While it still uses salt like most regular water softeners, it can still be lessened due to its included water meter, which lessens the amount of salt needed and reduces wastewater altogether – perfect for those who don’t have time to check their water treatment system.