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Countertop Water Filter

Best Countertop Water Filter

Filtering water is usually done in water filtration systems such as a water station, but did you know you can also do it at home? In this article, we are going to talk about simple ways on how to get clean water that is safe to drink and easily access it from the table.


What is a countertop water filter?

A countertop water filter is a simple device that can be an easy source of drinking water. Think of it as a regular water filter that can give you fresh and clean water to drink without a lot of extra setups.


Most water filters for countertop are made with a carbon filter cartridge that can be replaced when necessary. Others can also have much more filters, but their basic job is to remove unwanted chemicals and heavy metals that are not needed in your drinking water. They are somewhat like portable water softeners.


Types of Countertop Water Filter Systems

The types of countertop water filters include the following:


  1. Distillation filter – this kind of filter uses a boiling method so it is the best choice for when you want to have really clean water. It is ideal for when children are in the house or if you have babies and they need pure and distilled drinking water that is of medical-grade.


While distillation filters do take a lot of time before they can do their job, they may be ideal if you aren’t in a hurry or if you only have fewer household members.


  1. Portable filter – this type of filter is also known as the dispenser filter because it is like a pitcher in the sense that it requires no power plug or faucet line. It only requires you to fill up the tank and then the water filter dispenser will do the rest.


The filter can take about only a couple of hours in order to purify the whole water supply that you put in it. This kind of portable filter is good for when you are in an RV, going on a camping trip, or when on a picnic or vacation.


  1. Reverse Osmosis filter – for those who want to filter out chlorine and various other water pollutants, this is a good choice. Contrary to popular belief, RO systems are not very complicated to set up. However, if your kitchen is too small, they may not be suitable.


  1. Ionizer filter – using the process of electrolysis, this one makes your regular tap water “sweeter” due to the conversion of positive ions to negative ions to make oxidized water, which makes the water more alkaline, which can be good for the body.


  1. Kitchen sink filter – while this one can be a bit hard to install because it requires tapping into the faucet, it is a space-saver for homes who do not have a lot of luxury of space.

Best Countertop Water Filter

Below are our top picks for the best countertop water filters:


Brita Extra UltraMax Water Dispenser and Filter

As a dispenser type of water filter, this one has a capacity of 18 cups so it can be pretty large for those who want more drinking water on the go, such as medium to large families. This translates to 1.13 gallons of water in its BPA-free tank. It uses activated carbon, mesh screens, an ion exchange resin, and an aeration device on its filter body, as well as pull-top cap for easy access.


Among the different chemicals and heavy metals, it can remove include chlorine, copper, mercury, zinc, and cadmium. There is also a filter change reminder for every 2 months of use and it even has a spigot that makes pouring easy – perfect for spill-free drinking.


Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

This water filter is good for removing sediments, chlorine, and various chemicals that can give water-borne illnesses, such as mercury and other heavy metals. It is certified by the NSF and the FDA and it includes a faucet mount filter on the setup.


Great for converting regular tap water into more alkaline drinking water for health purposes, it can filter up to 750 gallons of drinking water for the lifespan of one filter. Many people liked it for its ease of installation, good water flavor, value for money, and the ability to save more bottled waters in the long run. Changing the filter is also a breeze overall.


Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

A combination of stainless steel on the distiller part and glass on the container, this one is a UL-approved product that is made with 304 stainless steel interior and exterior for durability as well as food safety on its boil chamber (no plastic inside), as well as its stainless condensing coils and upper steam dome that heats up the water.


Since the glass distiller container has a porcelain lined nozzle, it is easy to pour out your distilled water onto glass or any container that you want – perfect for less spillage. It is able to process 1 gallon of water per 5 1/2 hours. The unit is backed by a 1-year warranty.


Ecosoft Countertop Drinking Water Filter System

With 3 colors to choose from, this one has a European design as a water filter system that can fit onto any countertop. It gets rid of chlorine & chloramines, rust, lead, as well as any bad stuff that you may taste from your drinking water. It can save up to 200 plastic water bottles when you use a single filter cartridge for 6 months.


Each filter cartridge can give you up to 1,500 gallons of water filtered from the unit. What’s more, it comes with everything you need to set it up, such as the faucet adapters, ring, seal, and a plastic wrench. It also looks aesthetic on most countertops due to the semi-transparent design.


New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter System

Do you want a reliable water filter at home? This 10-stage filter system proves to be powerful even for hard water or any source of water that you think is not too clean or safe for kids and family members to drink. It removes contaminants that can cause sickness and if you live near farms that use herbicides and pesticides, the filter also keeps those chemicals away from your water.


Each filter replacement can last up to 1,500 gallons of water filtration and it can easily be set up to your faucet or to mount under your sink with an additional conversion kit. It keeps away harmful chemicals below EPA minimum levels as well.

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Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System

Fitting well on any kitchen countertop and sink, this one is easy to install in minutes and is also portable for its design. It is capable of filtering 93% of fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals and it has two colors: black and white.


Its advanced multi-stage granular filter is made up of coconut shell carbon, a compression disk, activated alumina, and another compression disk at the bottom to complete the layer composition. The sedimentation filtration rating is up to 5 microns, which makes it good for even smaller sediments for cleaner drinking water.


CleanWater4Less Countertop Water Filtration System

If you don’t like a water filter that needs frequent replacement of filters, this one is for you. It does not require any replacement water filter so it can save you money in the long run. It is also portable so you can use it as a replacement for bringing bottled water to the airport (which is usually not allowed by airline security, anyway).


Able to process up to 10,000 gallons of fresh water in its lifetime, this one is a good choice for portability since it is easy to install to your faucet with the diverter valve without any tool required.


AquaTru Countertop Water Filter Purification System


Bearing a stylish design, this RO or reverse osmosis technology filtration for a countertop is good at removing chromium, chlorine, copper, fluoride, radium, and various other contaminants. If you have been using pitcher filters and would like to upgrade, this one would be a good choice.


Made with BPA-free plastic material, this one requires no plumbing knowledge so anyone can set it up in a breeze. With its 4-stage filtration, you can also get rid of other chemicals and metals such as arsenic, lead, chromium, and drug residue from your water.


Aquasana Countertop Drinking Water Filter System

As a drinking water filtration system, it can remove chlorine and different contaminants, but it will retain calcium, potassium, and magnesium, so you get clean and healthy water. It is NSF certified for its components and can help you save money in the long run, spending roughly only 11 cents per gallon.


The whole thing is easy to set up and no plumbing knowledge is required. It also does not require any permanent fixture so it is good for portable water filtering.


bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

If you want an ionizer that can turn your regular drinking water into an alkaline source of water, this one can range the pH level of your acidic water into a much better alkaline scale. It has two filters that have a lifespan of 5,000 liters each and it also has an intuitive display for settings on its electrolysis.



As a whole, water filters for a countertop need to be space-saving but should also be reliable in terms of making your regular tap water drinkable. Having a clean and safe drinking water source can help you and your children to contradict tummy aches and diseases.