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How to Use a Waffle Maker

How to Use a Waffle Maker

Today, a lot of people choose to have their own waffle makers at home so they can come up with their own waffles according to their preferences. However, not people are good at preparing this delectable food. This is true especially if you are not knowledgeable on how to operate a waffle maker. If you know how to properly use your waffle maker you still have the chance to change any disaster and make it as tasted waffle of your life.

Best tips for using your waffle maker

  •  using your waffle makerPrepare your batter for cooking. For this process, you can some almond, vanilla or cinnamon to extract some flavor. You can also add some chili powder if you want some spice in your breakfast and oil to easily remove it from the waffle maker.
  • Pre-heat your waffle maker. Once all of your ingredients are ready, heat up your waffle maker. You can put some paper towel under your waffle maker to avoid the leak of batter.
  • Avoid scratching the surface of waffle maker. This will help you to avoid your waffles stick to the iron. If in case you accidentally scratch it, there is a chance that some part particles of your waffle maker will attached on your cooking that may cause to make you ill.
  • Use spray oil. Waffle maker is a kind of tool that is non-stick however, it is advisable to use spray oil for grease. It will also help you to release your waffle easily.
  • Pour in batter. If your indicator turns on and off, open your unit and pour slowly your batter to the surface and close clam shell.
  • Wait until your waffle is cooked. Your waffle will be ready when the indicator light turns on or off. So it is best to keep some eye on your waffle maker and see if your waffle already turns into golden brown color because it is now ready for its removal.
  • Open the waffle maker carefully and check your waffle. If you see it is not yet fully cooks close again the lid and wait for some minutes. But if it is crisp and golden brown already you can now gently remove it from the surface.
  • Clean up. Once you are done in cooking, cool down your waffle maker and clean it through the use of paper towel and wipe down its surface until the excess of batter are store away.

Other uses of waffle maker

Since waffles are popping up in different parts of the world, owning waffle is very beneficial for you. You can make different shapes like square, circular or rectangular that provides different appeal. You can make crispy and thinner waffles and have the ability to cook 15- 80 pieces of waffle sin just an hours.

Waffle maker becomes very useful today for those food lovers and loves to spend their time in cooking. So for those who loves waffles, purchase now your own waffle maker and enjoy cooking and share it to your friends and family. Just keep in your mind that you will need proper practice and use of this tool to make your cooking becomes effective. So are you ready to use this waffle maker in your waffle cooking? Then try to purchase one and learn its use.