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How to Make Waffles with a Waffle Maker

How to Make Waffles with a Waffle Maker

When you think about excellent breakfast ideas, you will surely include waffles in the list. It is one of the most famous foods used to serves in most of the restaurant today. Waffles are airy, light, sweet and leave appetizing and aroma when it is already made. So if you are sweet loving person, it will drive you to become crazy in eating this kind of food.

Most of the restaurant offers mouth- watering waffles you cannot resist. However, it will cost you too much. To help you lessen your expenses, you can make your own waffles in your home. Luckily, waffle makers are now available in the market wherein it is ready to the job for you.

Steps of how to make waffle with the use of waffle maker

Get your equipment ready

  • Preheat your waffle maker. Plug your equipment and wait for the certain temperature. Sprinkle some drops of water in the plates and learn if it sizzle and vanish. If it is, it only means it is hot already.
  • Mix now all dry ingredients such as baking powder, sugar, flour in a bowl.
  • Separate the egg you will need. You can use separate bowls to separate the yolk from its white. Beat the egg whites through the use of whisk until it form soap peaks. Beat the butter and egg yolk in a separate bowl then add vanilla and milk and continuously beat the ingredients to combine.
  • Combine the wet and dry ingredients. Stir all the ingredients until it leave few lumps in batter.
  • Fold egg whites. You can now gently mix the egg white with batter by means of folding and stir.

How to make waffles with waffle maker

  • Brush the waffle maker with oil. You can use paper towel or brush on both top and bottom of the plates of your waffle maker to avoid the stick.
  • Spoon the batter. You can use one cup of batter in your equipment but spoon it evenly on the plate.
  • Close the lid and until waffle is cook. You can wait for about 2 minutes but in case you want to make it golden brown, you can cook it in longer of time.
  • Removal of waffle. Your spatula can help you to lift your waffles without breaking your waffle or burning your fingers. You can now place your waffle in a clean plate and you can pour other batter in your waffle maker.

Now you will have ready to serve waffles wherein you can add some toppings and syrup to complete your recipe. You can add some fruits or sugar as toppings of your waffles and enjoy the refreshing treat you make. Moreover, you can also add some chocolate, for some additional fun in eating. Your creativity will surely come out once you know how to make waffles wherein you can share it to others.

Spending cooking in your kitchen is now more enjoyable especially if you will use your waffle maker. Do you find it now how easy cooking waffle is? If yes, then you should try to make one and experience the fun of cooking.