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Construction Workers Eat Before Work

What Should Construction Workers Eat Before Work?

Construction work is no walk in the park – you will have to lift heavy objects, work from awkward angles, and handle hard labor. By noon, your stomach will be rumbling and you also need lots of power to work on these tasks properly to avoid losing focus and keep yourself safe on the jobsite.

With that in mind, what should a construction worker eat? What should you place in your lunch cooler if you will ever work at a construction site? Below are some suggestions on how you should prepare your meals for the day to get you going with any task ahead.

Before going to the construction site

The first meal should be a heavy breakfast to help power you up for the rest of the day. Your lunch cooler should be filled with a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, and low-fat foods with a sufficient amount of protein.


The most budget-friendly vegetable you can get out there would be tomatoes, as well as most basic salad lettuce. You can also put in a recipe with carrots to add a little bit of crunch. Consider foods with watery textures to keep you hydrated in hot weather.


For dessert, a good idea would be a banana filled with potassium, as well as avocadoes. Some folks also make banana and avocado shake before going to work – you can keep it cool in your lunch cooler so you can consume it even by noon and throughout your breaks at the construction site.

This is especially helpful for beating the summer heat. Pick your favorite fruits and you can serve them whole or as a shake or puree. Bananas help give you physical power and they also make you feel full throughout the day.

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Meaty protein sources such as chicken or even other poultry (e.g turkey) will help give you the energy to start the day right. You can also add in some whole grains or foods rich in fiber. Consider going for wheat bread alongside chicken (maybe a chicken sandwich will do the job).


Another protein source would be eggs, which you can cook sunny-side-up or however you want them to be. For best results, we recommend leaving out the yolk since that’s usually high in cholesterol. A good recipe for eggs would be included in your wheat bread sandwich.


Consider having sardines, tuna, or mackerel for a high-protein fish meal. Fish is also good for the heart thanks to its omega-3 and can be prepared as part of a salad, sandwich, and many other recipes out there.


Consider walnuts, which are good in omega-3 fatty acids and are also high in protein content. You can also try almonds, as well as cashews and pistachios, and put them over your healthy shake for added crunch and a dash of protein.

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Ideal lunch for construction workers

When you need to go for a lunch break, consider something healthy to put into your lunch cooler. Look for chicken or turkey recipes that involve wheat bread, pita bread wraps, and the like – they are typically easier to prepare than most meals.

If you are more of a rice person, consider brown rice since that’s higher in fiber and good for your heart. Brown rice is also suitable for those with gluten sensitivity and people with blood sugar problems.

After-work meal for construction workers

You can pick any hearty meal after a hard day’s work, such as steak or fish. Don’t forget to add a bit of vegetable or fruit to balance the nutrients. It’s all up to your taste buds because something you love eating will most likely make you feel more relaxed at the end of the day.