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Microwave vs. Toaster Oven: Which is better

Are you having doubts whether which among microwave oven and toaster oven is better? Well, if yes you should be reading this. There is a fact that both of the said ovens are being used and so are serving of great importance especially when it is about ease and convenience of cooking. And also, that becomes the reason why many are being confused with which one to consider.

Before, toaster ovens are used only for yummy and runny cheese toast as well as grilled sandwiches. But these days, toaster ovens are considered as high wattage smart ovens which could do everything that a microwave oven could do. In fact, it is believed that toaster oven could be more functional than the microwave oven.


Convection MicrowaveThere could be different purposes with regards to the use of both ovens. Microwave oven could be used if you want something that is hot having not to care how the food would turn out. But, if you are into imitating oven cooking toaster oven is of great choice wherein you are to heat food a lot slower yet a lot even as well.

In connection, you are still into the idea of saving energy and money with the use of conventional oven as you reheat the food or you cook small and quick meals.

Toaster oven could be considered as lighter than microwave oven and it could also be more user-friendly. With regards to energy efficiency, microwave oven is to utilise third of the energy of the conventional oven but the toaster oven would only use half of the energy.

In terms of crispy cooking, toaster oven could have an advantage with microwave option. Also with heating bread, breads would better heat once in toaster oven compared with microwave oven. And with large meals, microwave oven is the best choice.

So which is better?

With numbers of factors that must be considered, at the end of the day it would be your decision whether which one you are going to choose as long as it respond to your needs and it satisfy you. Both the oven could fulfil certain function perfect for certain situations as well.

  • In microwave oven, you could do almost everything like reheating pasta, boiling water, popping popcorn, defrosting chicken breast and more. This provides the idea that if you could heat a food a lot faster along with least use of energy.
  • In toaster oven, you could toast, boil, bake, broil and a lot more as well. And with this, you are to heat your food well using only half of the oven’s energy.

Now, with the above given information about the said ovens, it is your decision that will matter. You could choose microwave oven if that fits your preference and needs or you could opt with toaster oven. It might also be possible that you consider having both of the said ovens if you could afford both and if you would utilise them both.