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How to Make Tea in a Kettle?

A good tea is not just a hot drink. It’s also considered to be a beverage that is very stepped on ritual and romance. This is the reason why most of the people today are really interested in making tea in a kettle. Thus, this is truly a drink that can be enjoyed by most people.

Here are some of the simple and effective tips you need to follow in making a tea in a kettle and these include the following:

Setting Up

  • Begin with Water

Whether you’re going to use loose tea or bags, water is considered to be the second most essential tea ingredient. Some off tastes that can be found in the water ingredient such as iron, chlorine, sulfur can make your tea very noxious to drink and smell. Thus, you need to fill your empty kettle with one cup of fresh and cold water.

How to Make Tea in a Kettle?

Tap water is also accessible for whatever purposes but one of the most delicious tea starts with spring or filtered water. In making a tea, you need to avoid using distilled water as well as formerly boiled water. The more amount of oxygen found in the water, the great chance for your tea to acquire its best taste.

  • Plugging the Kettle and Turning It On

For those who don’t have their electric kettle, you may now make use of a stovetop type of tea kettles provided that it can make the water hot.

  • Bringing The Water to It is Boil

You need to wait until the kettle automatically switches off or when you use other types of tea kettle, wait for the whistles.

  • Steeping

    • Place the Loose Tea or Tea Bag into Your Cup

    If you’re going to use loose tea, you need to have one teaspoon of the tea every cup.  You can also make use of an infuser or tea ball but make sure that it’s always at its similar amount.  If you want milk, then add it to the cup. There are some people who greatly believe that adding milk before putting the hot water is very essential.

    • Add Water

    You may also pour water into your cup coming from the kettle. Leave some room if you desire for an amount of milk into your tea.

    • Let Steep

    You may now wait for about 3 to 5 minutes to let the tea steep. This would completely be based on the kind of tea you’re making as well as its recommended time for brewing.

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    If you’re going to make green tea, it may take at about one minute. Black tea is allowed to steep at about 3 to 6 minutes while the herbal tea is about 8 to 12 minutes.

    With the mentioned above steps, you’re given the chance to make your own delicious tea that you would really love to drink. These steps are very simple and easy to follow hence you’re assured that you can make your own tea. After knowing the steps, can you now make your tea in the kettle?

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