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Brown Rice Brand

Best Brown Rice Brand

Brown rice has been hailed by many people as a healthier source of fiber as compared to white rice and other forms of rice. This is because some of the fiber that has been left from harvesting rice remains intact when you have brown rice. Fiber is an important nutrient for our bodies to stay fit and detoxify us from the bad stuff.


Aside from that, fiber has been hailed by many dietary experts as an aid for weight loss. Because brown rice has been used by many people for various meals, dishes and the like, all over the world, but especially in Asian countries, as well as African countries. In this article, we’ll have a look at brown rice in general as well as its other benefits and features.


Best Brown Rice Brand and Reviews in 2018

In this section, we round up the best brown rice brands out there:


Sukoyaka Brown Rice, Genmai

Sukoyaka Brown Rice, Genmai

This brown rice brand has 4.4 lbs in one sack. It is good for people who have cholesterol problems since it contains 0% cholesterol as well as zero sodium. It is also very good for those who want to have a decent diet plan with only 35g carbohydrate with 160 calories per serving.


While this short grain brown rice is a partially-milled product, it still tastes and has the same benefits as true brown rice from Japan. It is still quite a great brown rice to make sushi with – if you’re into Japanese cuisine in general.


Nishiki Premium Brown Rice

Nishiki Premium Brown Rice

This brand of brown rice contains 15 lbs per bag, which can be enough for most families. It has been made in California as a medium grain rice and is also organic and natural. This brown rice can be used in making steamed veggies, chicken and the like. It has a great smell while it’s cooking and it will work on most rice cookers such as the Zojirushi brand.


Overall, the brown rice flavor and texture is quite good and has a nutty, rich flavor as well when it is cooked.


Planet Rice Sprouted

Planet Rice Sprouted Brown Gaba Rice

This whole grain and gluten-free brown rice have a cool packaging, in which you can actually see the brown rice in the earth-shaped plastic window of the packaging. It contains 22 ounces per pack, and it comes in a pack of 6. It is locally produced Gaba Rice from California and is a great solution to those who have a gluten-free diet.


Like most rice, it is easy to cook even on a rice cooker or on a stove. It has a rather plump appearance when you cook it, and it also does not clump as much as regular sticky rice or white rice.


India Brown Basmati Rice

Pride Of India - Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice


This rice brand that comes from India is a great choice for those who want to make dosas, which is usually made from short grain rice. It contains about 35 grams of carbohydrates or 160 calories in total. Like most brown rice out there, it cooks very quickly and tastes wonderful.


You can also use it as a substitute for mashed potatoes or French fries. You can also put it alongside recipes with beans and the like.


Lotus Foods Gourmet Organic Brown Jasmine Rice

Lotus Foods Gourmet Organic Brown Jasmine Rice

This Jasmine rice brand contains 25 lbs of rice and it is one of the varieties that cook quickly and easily. Like most brown rice, this whole grain rice contains fiber and antioxidants for your health benefits. As for the texture, it is quite fluffy, sticky, and tastes amazing.


Unlike other rice varieties that could have foreign objects, this one has absolutely no sign of foreign materials like worms and the like. Many people also note that the rice has a subtle smoky flavor and scent.


Rice Select Organic Texmati Rice

RiceSelect Organic Texmati Rice

This rice container has 32 ounces each jar and comes in a pack of 4. It is also Star-K Kosher Certified and is also Non-GMO Project Verified to make sure that you only get organic brown rice when you cook and consume it. The rice is fully organic and is free from any additives.


Like most brown rice, you can easily cook it within 20 minutes or so – usually much shorter than if you’d cook white rice. It also comes with instructions on how to cook it properly, especially for those who don’t have a rice cooker yet.


Tamanishiki Super Premium

Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice

This short grain rice comes in a pack of 15 lbs per bag. It has been used by various Japanese restaurants for their rice recipes and it is a short grain rice coming from California. Being an all-natural brown rice brand, this one can also be used to make onigiri and similar Japanese foods.


If you have a Zojirushi rice cooker, this kind of brown rice brand will work just fine without getting brown spots. It can also be used for stir-fry recipes and anything else that involves cooking rice.


Dynasty Jasmine Brown Rice

Dynasty Jasmine Brown Rice

Another Jasmine rice brand would be this one, which comes in a pack of 6 with 5 lbs of rice each. This one cooks nicely in any rice cooker even when you use the default setting for white rice. In addition to that, because of the convenient zip-lock seal, it is easy to stock it up when you want to save it for later use.


Overall, the rice is very clean so you can expect a great quality and it has a rather nutty taste like most brown rice brands out there.


Brown Rice by Gerbs

Brown Rice by Gerbs

This brown rice is non-GMO, meaning that it is great for those who want a truly organic rice variety. It is also allergen-free for those with allergic reactions, especially to gluten and the like. It is also packed neatly in a food bag with 4 lbs per pack.


It has been certified to be an alternative to people with allergies towards dairy, soy, gluten, wheat, sesame, mustard, wheat and the like. It is also filled with antioxidants, protein, omega-3 fats and the like. It does not contain any trans fats or preservatives due to being an organic brand.


Lundberg Family Farms Eco-Farmed Gourmet

Lundberg Family Farms Eco-Farmed Gourmet

This Black Japonica rice is a great solution to those who want Japonica Rice variety as their cooked rice. It contains 16 ounces per pack and the Amazon item is packed by 6. It is eco-friendly but still has an exotic sweet spiciness and the traditional nutty, mushroom-like flavor that is mostly found in brown rice.


It is a mixture of medium grain mahogany rice and short grain black rice, so it is a must-have for those who want something that is whole grain.


Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice

Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice

This pack of brown rice comes with garlic so it really tastes good for those who want a strong flavor for their rice. It contains 8.5 ounces per pack and it comes at a pack of 6. It is certified by USDA as an organic quinoa and brown rice mix.


Among its ingredients include onion powder, sea salt, tapioca starch, long grain brown rice, quinoa, high oleic sunflower oil, soy lecithin, parsley, and black pepper, all of which are certified organic by the USDA.


Tasty Bite Brown Rice Garlic

Tasty Bite Brown Rice Garlic

Yet another great choice for those who want brown rice that has garlic in it, this one contains no preservatives so it is a healthy choice. It is also great for vegans and those who want gluten-free food items. It can also be easily cooked in the microwave as a ready-to-serve brown rice.


You can use it for your stir fry foods, salads, soups, stews and the like. It can be easily cooked within 90 seconds on any microwave or you can use it for your steamer or rice cooker.


Koshihikari Gaba Rice

Koshihikari Premium Sprouted Brown Gaba Rice

Yet another Japanese variety sprouted brown rice, this one contains a lot of fiber and comes in a pack of 2, each with 2.2 lbs of brown rice. This one is great for quick cooking and kernels were well done with a great nutty flavor when you cook it. The texture is also not very gooey, unlike other brands.


Lundberg Family Farms Basmati Rice

Lundberg Family Farms Sprouted Brown Basmati Rice

This basmati rice coming from an organic source is a great choice for those who want brown rice. It is certified by USDA as organic and is also NON-GMO Project Verified. Aside from that, vegans will definitely love this since it is certified to be gluten-free, kosher, and vegan.


You can just cook this rice within 30 minutes if you are in a hurry. It is a long grain brown rice that has a good aroma and fully germinated rice quality. You can use it for rice cakes, rice products, risottos and many more.


Uncle Ben’s Natural Whole Grain Instant Brown Rice

Uncle Ben's Natural Whole Grain Instant Brown Rice

This brown rice comes from a well-known source or brand known as Uncle Ben’s. It has 14 ounces per pack and it is in a pack of 4. It can cook easily in 10 minutes so it is perfect for those who are in a hurry. It contains 100% natural whole grain brown rice and it does not contain any preservatives, gluten and the like.


truRoots Organic Germinated Brown Rice

truRoots Organic Germinated Brown Rice

Yet another great brown rice that comes in a pouch, it is easy to seal and open due to the great packaging. It contains 14 ounces in each pouch and is also certified as USDA organic and gluten-free.


Like most brown rice, it contains a lot of dietary fiber for detoxification and is a good source of whole grain nutrition for different people. Because it is germinated brown rice, it gives you a nutty, slightly sweet flavor than regular brown rice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Brown Rice

What exactly are the benefits of brown rice? Here are some of them:


1. Rich in fiber to lower cholesterol

Fiber is known by many dietary experts to help lower cholesterol, and also keep your stomach free of toxins. This is highly important if you have eaten too much food that you may not know if they were cooked properly. Fiber can also be helpful to patients who have high cholesterol problems.


2. Lessen blood sugar levels

Blood sugar levels are always a problem for most people who have diabetes and all of its variations. When your body consumes a lot of sugar from different foods, not just on sweets, but also on food items like rice and other carbohydrate-rich foods.


3.Anti-cancer phytochemicals and minerals

These chemicals are important for our body to help fight cancer and other similar diseases. You can extend your lifespan with such healthy minerals.


4. Folic acid for pregnant women

Babies can be free from birth defects if their mother has enough folic acid in their system. Folic acid is great for your child’s proper development.


5. Iron for better blood health

Brown rice is also rich in iron, which is great for people who are anemic and those lacking in better blood health in general.


Brown Rice vs. White Rice

Generally, brown rice differs from white rice because brown rice is also known as unrefined or whole grain rice, which contains more fiber. White rice is also known as refined rice because most of the fiber that should have been in brown rice has been removed.


Therefore, many experts say that brown rice is a lot healthier. If you want to have more fiber and you want to have a gluten-free solution to having some bit of carbohydrates to power up your energy throughout the day, brown rice may be a healthier solution for you.


Wild Rice vs. Brown Rice

As for wild rice and brown rice, here are the major differences:


Wild rice is not technically rice but has quite fewer calories than regular brown rice. This is because it’s actually a species of grass, but it can still be a great alternative to white rice, much like brown rice. Wild rice is also gluten-free for those into this kind of diet or lifestyle.


And as we all know, brown rice has protein and fiber, potassium, manganese, and zinc. It has more calories than wild rice since it is basically a rice species. It also has antioxidants to help detoxify your body and keep you healthy.


However, if you want to go for a lower calorie diet, it is much more advisable to go for wild rice as compared to brown rice.


Quinoa vs. Brown Rice

As for comparing brown rice to quinoa, here are the major differences:


In terms of iron and magnesium, you’d have a better source from quinoa. Iron and magnesium are both needed by the body to help with bone tissue, improved blood health, cell membranes and the like.


As for calories, both actually have a similar amount of calorie intake, so it doesn’t really matter whether you take brown rice or quinoa in general. Both are full of nutrients and proteins, and they can be great sources of carbohydrates, around 20 to 22 grams.


How to Cook Brown Rice

Here’s how you can cook brown rice in general:


  1. Combine 4.5 cups of water and 3 cups of brown rice in a pot.


  1. Heat up the pot to maximum and bring the whole thing to a boil.


  1. Cover the lid and then have the pot simmer for about 20 minutes.


  1. Turn off the heat and let the pot cool for about 10 minutes with the lid on.


  1. Let it sit longer if you think the rice is not too cooked yet, but don’t let it become too mushy.


  1. Serve the rice while it’s hot!


Additional tips:

  • When cooking rice in general, and you’re in a hurry, it’s best to have a rice cooker because it does the job better and more efficiently. Rice cookers can easily cook your rice without the problem of burnt bottom parts, which can be annoying. Rice cookers are essentially steamers so your rice is cooked evenly. It also has a self-timer so you don’t have to wait cautiously for rice to cook manually.
  • You can add sesame seeds at the top of the rice when you serve it. This gives the rice some more flavor when you or your guests eat it up.
  • In most Asian countries, if you have leftover rice in the fridge, you can add that to the newly-cooked rice so you don’t have to waste the leftover. This is especially done to save up on rice resources.



To conclude, brown rice is a great alternative source of energy, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates other than white rice. If you think that you want to go gluten-free but still want to eat rice, brown rice may be your best option. It has many nutrients and other stuff that can be helpful to your health.


We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best brown rice brands. These brands may all be different from each other but essentially, they are the same in substance as brown rice which can be healthy for you and your family.