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Surprising Things You Can Make with a Rice Cooker
Surprising Things You Can Make with a Rice Cooker

Surprising Things You Can Make with a Rice Cooker

Despite its common name, a rice cooker is not just a tool used for cooking rice. Sure, this seems to be the easiest and most convenient way of making perfect rice, however, this is also known to cook a variety of foods. Many individuals may not know it, but there are amazing rice cooker recipes that they can easily try using this kitchen appliance.

Even if you have the standard rice cooker at home with the basic two settings namely cook and warm, you can still do some tricks and prepare more than the usual rice. The following are surprising things you can make with a rice cooker:

• Boil Eggs

There are many ways to make the perfect hard boiled eggs and using rice cooker is just one. Though some people prefer pressure cooker, rice cooker also offers similar benefits when it comes to cooking eggs and producing eggs that are easy to peel. Rice cooker will not really save you over doing it on your gas stove, however; you assure that eggs boiled in a rice cooker will come out well done.

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• Make Hot and Delicious Breakfast

You can make hot cereals and oatmeal using your rice cooker. You just need to add some water and milk or add some dried fruits and chopped nuts that you want. The rice cooker’s “keep warm function” prevents foods from getting gooey and cold. These are perfect for days when everybody is up at different time.

• Steam Vegetables

If your rice cooker comes with steamer rack, you can use this when cooking cut vegetables, potatoes, shrimp, tofu, chicken breast and fish fillets. Take out then serve a one pot easy meal.

• Make Risotto Without the Need to Stir

You can sauté onions in butter using an plain rice cooker. You can then add one part Arborio rice and four parts liquid such as wine or broth. You must cook this for about 25 minutes in an “on and off” use or “slow” or the “porridge” function if your machine has one. Mix the herbs and= grated cheese together.

• Slow Cook Beans, Stews and Soups

You just need to give your rice cooker sufficient liquid and enough time, and it will inevitably create a long-simmered dish without boiling or scorching. You can also try preparing split-pea soup with beef or ham and vegies on the rice cooker with herbs, wine and tomatoes for an entirely hearty dinner.

• Poach Fruit

You may be surprised to know that rice cookers can also use in making healthy fruit desserts simmered in wine, syrup or juice. You can even take advantage of your rice cooker in making apple sauce or other types of fruit sauces.

• Steam Meats

While cooking the rice, you can also cook meats at the same time. You can even cook fish or steam fully-cooked sausages using your rice cooker. You just need to make sure that your rice cooker comes with a steamer.

These are just a few of the many surprising things you can make using a rice cooker. You can try one of these things and enjoy the opportunity of experiencing new things.