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What is a Milk Frother

What is a Milk Frother

With the increasing popularity of varied kinds of coffee drinks like cappuccino, many people already want to create these kinds of beverages at the comfort of their home. There are many tools in realizing such coffee experience and one of which is the milk frother.

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Many different coffee beverages have already a great foamy topping of the frothed milk. This is created thru aerating warmed milk as well as combining it with the aid of coffee. Typical models of this include the motorized whisks, hand-pump varieties, and the small devices, which may simultaneously froth and warm the milk.

Every milk frother normally has the similar basic function. It aerates milk thru rapid agitating of it in order to make more air as possible. This creates bubbles of milk, which makes light texture and may significantly increase the volume. It will then result in a foamy kind of mixture, which will help in cutting through some sharp, dense flavor of a strong coffee used for cappuccinos and its similar drinks.

Shoppers may normally choose milk frother according to their budgets as well as the frequency of using it. It is just a small device that you may store in almost any part of the kitchen. An avid drinker of cappuccino may already have machines such as steam operated milk frother. This frother may produce stream of hot air that may froth a milk making a hissing noise characteristic associated with coffee bars and cappuccino.

Motorized Whisks

Propeller models and whisk may get the job essentially in the similar way as with another milk frother except that these are handheld electric devices. This is attached at the end of the milk frother, as this is turned on, its attachment will rapidly turn to froth its milk. Propeller kind of device can be used with proper care.

Hand Pumps

This kind of milk frother has plunger attached to the fine screen mesh that normally comes inside the stainless steel cup. These frothers can be easily used and a bit affordable, though effort can be a great requirement for creating necessary amount of its foam. These models are normally sufficient to someone who makes a cup or two coffees at a time because the only small quantity of foam can be easily made.

Electric Frothers

There are also electric and small frothers that are really self-contained that usually looks like small food cup or processor. These can be considered as the top choice for somebody who routinely creates multiple cappuccinos all at once. This is because they normally froth in a larger quantity of milk upon frothing it, yet it is also a bit expensive.

With the above given different kinds of milk frother, it’s up to you as to what kind of milk frother you will use depending on your needs and preference. No matter what kind of milk frother you will use, be sure that you know how to use it and know its specific function. Are going to start making your cappuccino?