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How to Froth Milk without a Frother

How to Froth Milk without a Frother

Milk froth is already becoming a trend to every coffee lover especially those who love the taste of cappuccino. It may not really add greater taste to the coffee, but it also makes the coffee experience a bit different that goes beyond the ordinary. This is also considered a trend in different coffee shop thru the skilful coffee makers. It also requires the use of equipment in order to obtain milk froth.

Thus, making deliciously good cappuccino does not require any costly equipment. In fact, you just need to make perfectly amazing milk froth in a wire whisk and eve a simple jar made of glass. Yes, you heard it right. It is just a matter of following steps in doing it while adding enjoyment to what you are doing. If you want to know how to do it, consider the ideas below:

Making Milk Froth using Wire Whisk

  • Pour the milk into the saucepan or cup depending on whether you want to heat the milk thru a stove or microwave. It will require you of ½ cup of milk in every cappuccino.
  • Heat the milk, either in stove or microwave for about 30 second. Heat it until the steam rise from its milk.
  • Consider using wire whisk in order to create foam. By the time the milk is heated, you can already place a wire whisk into its milk. Twirl its handle between the palms in order to create foam. Keep doing this process until you obtain your desired level of foam.

Using a Glass Jar

  • Pour the milk into the glass jar but be sure that it has tight fitted lid. You may pour ½ cup of your milk into this kind of jar. The milk must not rise to its halfway point because you need to provide enough space for the expanding of froth.
  • You may shake the glass jar for about 30 seconds. Ensure that the lid is tightly close, and then you may vigorously shake it until its milk will become frothy and achieved a double size. This must require you of about 30 seconds.
  • You may now remove its lid, and then microwave the milk. Heat on in increasing level for about 30 seconds and until the steam starts to rise from its milk. The foam must start in stabilizing in the microwave while rising on its top of the milk.

To make the experience perfectly good, be sure to choose and use fresh milk. This will aid you of producing nicer foam that will surely taste better. It is also good to consider using milk with higher percentage of fat. It is also advisable to have good quality and strong taste of coffee.

If you want to consider such way of making milk froth, be sure to give your time and effort because these will be a demand for you. But be assured that you will surely get the best coffee experience. Well, are you excited to give it a try?