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What Should You Do After Using a Meat Slicer
What Should You Do After Using a Meat Slicer

What Should You Do After Using a Meat Slicer

People are using meat slicers so they could cut processed met, cooked or raw cold or even meat as well as other foods, which can be sliced. Since bacteria could transfer from food to another food and even to people.

They could even grow rapidly on your meat slicer. That is why, it is really significant that you sanitize your meat slicer once you are already done cutting various foods and clean it thoroughly. It is to protect you and your family’s health, which eats foods sliced by the meat slicer.

How to clean it between uses

Prepare mild detergent, spray bottle, lint-free microfiber cloths, liquid sanitizer, bucket and cut-resistant gloves. Then, pour the liquid sanitizer on the spray bottle.

Next, add suffiecient amount of water so you can make a detergent solution each the sanitizer’s package guidelines. Once your sanitizer is already in a form of solution and it does not require water to dilute it, simply just fill the bottle with the product.

Before you start cleaning the meat slicer, turn off it first and unplug or disconnect it from its power connection. Make sure to put on a pair of cut-resistant gloves before you start. After that, dispose and remove any clutter or pieces of meat on a slicer.

Afterwards, you will need to spray the meat slicer with your detergent solution.  Combine the solution   and the water to create a sink full of bubbles.  Make sure to follow the given package instructions provided with the machine for its wait times. After the period stop, completely wash all the surfaces with lint-free microfiber cloth and damp. Wipe-dry or air dry your meat slicer.

After you already sanitized the slicer, carefully reassemble its parts.  Make sure that you reassembled the parts of the slicer as soon as possible after cleaning in order to avoid any injury from the blade which is exposed. And finally, you can now cover or store it in a clean and safe place when not in use.

But please note that meat slicer should be thoroughly and carefully cleaned by following the same cleaning instructions after every use. This is to ensure that your meat slicer is keep from any harmful bacteria which may also affect your family.

A meat slicer is a very important tool in cutting meat. This is why, it is very important to clean it thoroughly after using. By following the given instructions above you will keep your slicer always clean. Also, with this you now know the things you should do after using a meat slicer. Thus, will help you maintain the meat slicer effectively running and lasting longer.

If you are those who have not yet any idea on how to clean the meat slicer, then you can check on this article in order to help you in your issue. Cleaning this kind of slice machine is just very easy, by just having the guidelines you can get into process without having any difficult to think for.