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How to Use a Meat Slicer

How to Use a Meat Slicer

Cooking food should always be safe for everyone especially once using tools in the kitchen like meat slicer. Given that it is dangerous to use still it can be manageable enough to be used properly. If you are not really a person who is used on cooking foods in the kitchen, there are more possible ways that you can actually consider to ensure that you are correctly using your meat slicer at home.

Basic Ways of Using Meat Slicer

Learn some of the basic ways of using meat slicer in an effective and very safe way.

  • Start by washing your hands first and dry these wet hands using a dry paper towel. Once done, Wear plastic gloves for strongly promoting a safe food for everyone.
  • Next, lift clamp arm and swing it to the slicer’s surface. Get a bulk of the meat and place it on the top  of the slices or on the carriage and swing and swing clamp arm again on the surface Lift up the clamp arm and swing it away from the surface of the meat into the slicer. This is the way to hold all of the chunks of meat placed on the surface of the carriage.
  • Choose the desired thinness or thickness of the meat slice that you want to have. Next to this is to place a deli tissue or a wax paper on the slicer’s bottom to catch all of the sliced meat after doing the first steps.
  • Turn on the switch to position and push the carriage’s handle to move the meat into the rolling blade. Try at least one slice first, so you could see what the slice is you want to achieve. Just make some adjustment on the dial in case of not getting exactly the slice of the meat you want to make.
  • Keep the slices of the meat falling on the paper you which you have placed under and push (back and forth) the carriage on the blade in doing it using right hand.
  • After cutting enough slices, it is the next step to turn of the slicer. Keep all of the sliced meat by wrapping it and storing it in the refrigerator.
  • After using the slicer, wipe it off with a clean tissue or paper especially the parts such as the blade, the whole slicer itself and the carriage.

It doesn’t really matter if what is the size of the meat slicer is what you are using to ensure your desired meat slices. Though it is also generally dangerous to use, this is always one of the advanced technologies for you to have a more convenient way of cooking foods.

Though they seem really difficulty to operate which in fact is not true, the thing that you can do is to ensure that you have used it in a safe and proper war. By following different precautions and special slicing techniques, you can effectively use meat slicer with no need of a guide of someone anymore.