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How to Choose the Best Meat Slicers

To buy or not to buy a meat slicer? This, my friends, seem to be a perpetual dilemma for many home owners. It’s definitely not something you’d purchase right off the bat or something you’d categorize as a “need” for your kitchen but this equipment may actually make your kitchen experience easier and breezier.

Meat slicers are perfect for cutting meat with precision. You can cut your own slices of ham or salami at home. You basically decide how thick your meat will be cut so there is no need to go to the butcher’s store to have it done for you.

Unlike an ordinary knife, meat slicers create precise and uniform cuts – perfect for cooking so everything is evenly-sized and you won’t have to worry about some of the meat being cooked first before the others because of their different sizes.

Benefits of Having a Meat Slicer at Home

If you still need some more convincing, here are some of the important benefits of meat slicers that you might want to mull over:

  1. It saves you a lot of money

Buying your meat whole and just opting to slice it at home reduces the cost of your food. Pre-sliced meat that you can buy at the deli costs more than a whole meat. If you do it at home, you can save a significant amount of money.

  1. You get your desired thickness at the moment you want them.

So you decided to make Panini but you don’t have sliced meat to go with that. Without a meat slicer, your best option is to make a run to the deli store and have the meat you want. But if you already have meat at home plus the slicer, preparation should be a cinch.

  1. It reduces left over food.

Because you are able to slice only the amount of meat you need at the moment, there is no left-over food to deal with.

  1. Slicing meat is easier for those who have difficulty using their hands

Sprained your arm? Are you suffering from arthritis? Do you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Using a kitchen knife can be difficult, not to mention, painful when cutting into frozen meat blocks. A meat slicer aids you and ensures that cutting meat is as convenient as possible.

How to Find the Best Meat Slicer

There are a couple of things you need to go over when purchasing a new meat slicer. First is the price. Allot a budget for this equipment. It can go as cheap as $50 or as pricey as $400.

Also think about size of the equipment (to fit your counter space), manual or electric, sharpness of the blade, brand, durability and maintenance. Make sure it’s something you can use for a long time so you can get your money’s worth.

Top 10 Best Meat Slicers of 2015

Start your search with these top-rated meat slicers:

  1. Chef’s Choice *615* Premium

Chef Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Chef Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Key Features: This food slicer constructed from a combination of stainless steel and cast aluminium material can go a long way. It features an impressive 7-inch stainless steel blade that can cut into different types of meat. You can get cuts as thin as ¾ inches. It is electric and has a button used to secure the machine when it is not being used. It weighs 10 pounds and sized at 15 x 11 x 11 inches.

Pros: Using this is definitely effortless. Meat gets sliced uniformly and thinly with very little effort on the user. The slicer is really sharp so put a little more care when cleaning it. Despite its stainless steel and cast aluminium construction, it is more on the lightweight side. It is priced just right – not too pricey but not to cheap either.

Cons: You are advised to chill the meat first prior to slicing as this tends to produce a “tail” when cutting soft meat. It is not portable, definitely, and might take up some space on your counter top.

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  1. Chef’s Choice *609* Premium

Chef Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Chef Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Key Features: Boasting of a high-torque motor, this high-performing machine has an impressive aluminium and stainless steel construction. The 7-inch blade cuts into virtually anything for as thin as ¾ of inches of meat. It has a food carriage that is placed slightly angled to catch meat efficiently. Weight is at 10.3 pounds. Reserve a space of 11.8 x 16.5 x 12.5 inches for this mean machine.

Pros: One of the more affordable electric slicers out there. You’ll also be getting your money’s worth because this thing lasts for a long time. The aluminium and stainless steel construction gives this longevity. Maintenance shouldn’t be a problem. This thing can be disassembled in a jiffy so you can clean and maintain the parts with ease. The motor isn’t noisy when running. The blade does a great job cutting through thawed or cold meat.

Cons: There’s a small gap between the feed tray and the machine so some of the meat might not make it to the feed tray. But this can be easily rectified by placing another tray underneath the feeding tray.

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  1. EdgeCraft *610* Chef’s Choice

EdgeCraft 610 Chef's Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

Key Features: You will love the excellent stainless steel plus cast aluminium construction of this machine that also boasts of gear-driven motor. The steel blade can cut up to ¾ of inches of meat slices. One of its determining features is the safety fuse found at the bottom of the machine that can be used to prevent power surges.

Pros: For a domestic meat slicer with an accessible price, this has superb meat slicing functions comparable to commercial-grade ones. It creates uniform slices of meat, thick or thin, whatever floats your boat. This slicer has very solid construction with no flimsy parts to put you off. It does a great job with slicing meat even when it is used heavily. The parts are also fairly easy to clean.

Cons: While it’s great for its price range, some tougher types of meat can be a little bit more difficult to slice with this machine. Some freezing of meat might have to be done first.

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  1. Continental *PS77711* Professional Series Deli

Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer

Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer

Key Features: Featuring 7.5 inches of blade and a cast iron construction, this meat slicer has a stunning built. It runs on 150 watts of motor. It has a slightly bigger size at 16.8 x 12 x 10.8 inches compared with other similar products and weighs heavier at 10.5. pounds

Pros: A meat slicer with an accessible price that actually does a fairly good job in cutting meat. Although not completely stainless steel, the construction is quite solid. The blade works in creating uniformly thin slices of meat. Disassembling the parts for clean-up isn’t a headache. You don’t really need a screwdriver to get the job done.

Cons: The blade isn’t serrated so there might be some need to remove it and re-sharpen it from time to time. There is no meat tray included so you need to put a tray at the back to catch the meat being sliced.

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  1. Waring Pro *FS155AMZ* Professional

Waring Pro FS155AMZ Professional Food Slicer

Waring Pro FS155AMZ Professional Food Slicer

Key Features: This is one of those meat slicers with a stainless steel construction mixed with a die-cast aluminium exterior. It has been incorporated with 7.5-inches of cutting blade. You can get your desired meat thickness using the control knob. It can create as thin as 5mm to as thick as 15mm slices.

Pros: The price is appealing. It definitely fits the more modest of budgets. But despite its low price point, it does a great job slicing cooked and raw meat. There is no need to freeze meat as the blade works well in producing even slices even when the meat is soft. It also allows for faster slicing, great when you are having a party at home. Many also commended its easy-to-clean functions.

Cons: The food glide may not be too sturdily attached according to some users. You might need to support the food glide with one hand to keep it from sliding off.

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  1. Weston *61-0901-W* Heavy Duty Food

Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer

Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer

Key Features: Great design and great built – this is what this slicing machine offers. You’ll be getting an 8 5/8-inch blade for easier slicing of meat and better results. You can get as thin as ½ inches slices of meat with this machine. It looks more compact and uses a smaller footprint than similar models with its 12.1 x 19.4 x 14.4 inches of size.

Pros: You can’t ask for better motor power in a meat slicer than this for its affordable price point. The belt drive allows seamless slicing that doesn’t make a lot of noise and doesn’t offer a lot of resistance. You can easily adjust the size of the slices. The meat stays in place when slicing it so there’s very little need to support it while the machine is operating. The on and off switch is easy to access. This thing also has low-maintenance and easy-to-clean features.

Cons: This slicer is fairly good for its price point but if you’re expecting more blows and whistles or you have very high standards, get a more expensive machine.

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  1. Best Choice Products® New 10″ Blade

Best Choice Products® New 10" Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

Best Choice Products® New 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

Key Features: This commercial machine is packed with a 10-inch stainless steel blade and 240 watts heavy-duty motor. You can get very thin slices at 0 mm to as thick as 17mm. The knob makes it easier for you to switch the level of thickness. It also features a skid-proof rubber found at the feet of the machine to ensure that it stays in place.

Pros: This is definitely a machine for heavy-duty use. You can slice up to 8 pounds of meat in under 10 minutes. It can also accommodate different kinds of meat, frozen or at room temperature. If you’re looking for results, this machine can give you that and more. The meat slices come out in uniform slices – no tail problems reported.

Cons: It has a slightly big built, due to this being a commercial slicer. It’s also at a higher price range so probably not the most ideal for those on a tight budget.

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  1. Nesco *FS-250* 180-watt

Nesco FS-250 180-watt Food SlicerKey Features: With a full stainless steel construction, you’re getting a durable machine that will last you for ages. It has an 8.7-inch of stainless steel blade that can cut up different sizes of meat. The machine has an accessible control knob so you can easily change the thickness of the cut to your desired one. It runs on 180-watts of motor and weighs at 13.2 pounds.

Pros: It may not be as powerful as other commercial machines but it does a great job slicing meat. Users haven’t had issues with this machine as it cuts like a real pro. It is comparatively lightweight and doesn’t take up so much counter space. Keeping this in your shelving cabinets shouldn’t be a problem. Clean-up, according to owners, is also not a problem.

Cons: The cutting height is restricted at 6.5 inches so you may have to fit larger meats in it. The blade is slightly more tedious to attach in place but shouldn’t be a problem once you have gotten the hang of it.

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  1. Presto PS-10 Anodized Aluminum

Presto PS-10 Anodized Aluminum Meat Slicer

Presto PS-10 Anodized Aluminum Meat Slicer

Key Features: This electric meat slicer has an amazing 10-inch blade that can cut as thin as 0mm slices to as thick as 10mm slices. It also comes with its built-in sharpener. The slicing carriage is easy to remove and is 8 x 7.5 inches in height to accommodate bigger chunks of meat. The motor also boasts of a thermal protector to prevent it from overheating.

Pros: This thing is built for heavy-duty meat slicing use. It can slice pounds after pounds of meat without overworking the motor too much. It’s also great to use for tougher kinds of meat. It is surprisingly compact. Most users didn’t have a problem fitting it in their storage spaces. The parts also last for a long time – no corrosion problems reported.

Cons: Since it is a commercial machine, it is on the higher end of the budget. Some wished the user manual that came with it was more complete and informative.

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  1. Chef’s Choice *632* International

Chef's Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food Slicer

Chef’s Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food Slicer

Key Features: The 7-inch stainless steel blade that is in it can produce even slices in a very short period of time. The meat feeder is slightly tilted to make sure it goes in the machine properly. You can use this not only for meats but also for cheese, bread and vegetables. It also comes with a child-proof switch for increased safety.

Pros: It’s an all-around slicer. Not all meat slicers can accommodate even cheeses and bread so this one has more functions than meets the eye. It’s a great kitchen staple if you frequently slice your bread or have a variety of slicing needs. It performs smoothly, very quiet motor functions and produces impressive results. The whole thing doesn’t require too much to disassemble so cleaning it should be smooth-sailing.

Cons: It is quite pricey for a meat slicer not advertised as a commercial one. But since the features are almost commercial-grade, it should be worth the extra hundred dollars or so.

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All in all, all these machines are ideal to purchase. You just have to come down to a consensus about your budget range.

We highly recommended the Chef’s Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food Slicer. Yes, it is slightly more expensive than your average domestic meat slicer but it has more features that will allow you to get more use to this equipment. It is also well-built and has fine features that will make using it a cinch.

The Presto PS-10 Anodized Aluminum Meat Slicer and Best Choice Products® New 10″ Blade are recommended for those looking for commercial meat slicers. They are jam-packed with features that can get you the results you want. The safety features of these high-quality machines are also worth the extra bucks you spend on them.

Whatever machine you pick, make sure it suits your criteria, your personal meat slicing needs and your budget.