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How to Use a Meat Grinder

Grinding meat on your own is not really an easy task as what most people think. It is better to grind the meat in your home because you know that the process is clean and safe that will not cause danger to your health. But this process can already be made easier and better with the aid of meat grinder.

With the aid of such equipment, anyone can grind the meat with ease and quick way of doing it. In order to do it, it is important to get to know every part of the meat grinder as well as its functions.


This is the primary working part of a grinder that can steadily push the meat down to its shaft and toward the blades.

Hopper and Pusher

This is the part where you can add for the cubes of meat. This pusher will be used in order to force the meat down to its feed tube while keeping the things to move. Normally, there is located tray on top of its feed tube where there is an extra meat to be stored before it is being pushed into its grinder. If you have the larger tray, then it will be more convenient if it will be ground in larger batches for meat.

Plate and Blade

These are important parts of meat grinder because this is where the actual grinding happens. The blade has a small cross-shaped piece having a sharp edge on every arm that will rotate against the plate known as the die. The plate is the flat piece of metal having holes cut that is found into it. By the time the meat is being forced by the screw into the holes, the blade will cut it into a finer mince. The size of holes will identify the quality of final grind meat.


This is utilized in order to keep the plate as well as the blade in its place by the time it is chopped.

In using meat grinding, there are some important things that you need to consider and it includes the following:

  • Trimming the meat well

The top cause of smearing is when the bits of sinew are getting around a blade causing it to become dull. Instead of chopping the meat, you will end up in smoothing thru the holes of the plate that will result for chewed up texture.

  • Keeping everything cold

This is also very important to make the process successful. One hour of freezing the meat is enough before you grind it.

  • Watch out for Smearing

Keep your eye on meat as this comes out of your grinder. Be sure to identify clearly meat and fat.

  • Grinding from large to small ones

The fineness of meat will depend on what kind of food you will cook using it. This will greatly help you to obtain better and grinder texture.


It is important to know every part of your meat grinder in order to maximize its use. This will guide you in obtaining your expected outcome with your meat.