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How to Clean Meat Grinder

How to Clean and Care for your Meat Grinder

A meat grinder is consists of simple gears built on it. Every meat grinder that you will find comes in a feed tube where meat passes while pushing it thru pusher. After this process, meat will be brought in a cutting blade and grinding plate thru the aid of screw.

With such process, it is evident that meat grinder will surely require for extreme cleaning to remove all the meat in every area of meat grinder. This is in order to maintain its cleanliness and to rid from the possible damage. In doing so, you are assured that your meat grinder will last its service.

To help and guide you on how to properly clean and take good care of your meat grinder, you may consider the following:

Cleaning and Washing the Parts

  • Before you begin cleaning every part of the meat grinder, it is important to know the correct manner of cleaning meat grinder.
  • You need to unplug electric power, and then you can wash them thru soapy and hot water. This is in order to remove all the oily meat remnants.
  • Remove the cutting blade, auger, screw, grinding plate, feeding tube and other remaining gears in the main body.
  • Bottle brush will easily clean all the inner parts, most especially the hopper and feeding tube that requires for greater care. It will greatly help in preventing the grinder from germs and bacteria. Do not soak its motor into water while using the moist cloth for cleaning motor housing.

Storing Grinder Parts

  • Store every part after you coat it with slight oil layer in order to prevent it from corrosion and rust.
  • It will work better if you will consider using the sponge or cloth upon cleaning the outer and inner parts.
  • You can use plastic wrap or sheet in all parts or simply putting everything in plastic bag.
  • Rice bag is a bit better due to the moisture of rice sop up and the parts will be dried even if it has high humidity level.

Taking Care of the Blade

The process in grinding meat can sharpen the blade as this rubs against a grinding plate, so it will only take you to seldom sharpen its blade. Thus, if a blade will become too dull, then do not hesitate in sharpening the blades with the help of someone who is really capable of doing the job. The sharpness of cutting blade is the key factor in obtaining the best way of grinding your meat.


Meat grinder can be considered as one of the most beneficial kitchen appliance in terms of adding freshness, texture and be healthy for edibles. It does not matter how much it will take you in spending for meat grinder to obtain high quality, strongly built and powerful meat grinder. But no matter how best it can be, if you do not know to clean and take care of it, this will surely make great trouble.