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How To Fix A Leaky Kitchen Faucet

Faucets, no matter what type they are, can give you some problems in the future. From cheap ones to expensive ones, all of them have a similar plumbing concept that may go awry when they are used wrongly or have been overused.


A faucet leak not only makes the faucet inconvenient for guests and people in your household but it also makes you consume more water and can result in higher water bills. It’s also not very friendly with the environment due to various water crisis and shortage around the world.


In this article, we’ll show you how you can fix a leaky kitchen faucet by yourself. The steps in this article may be able to guide you if you have a little bit of knowledge with plumbing or fixing around the house.


What type of faucet do you have?

To know how to fix a leaky kitchen faucet, you should know the type of faucet that you have first. Let’s have a look at some common kitchen faucet types:


  1. Ball faucet – this is one of the more modern designs of faucets and functions with the use of a ball joint or ball bearing. They are designed to have no washers in their system to make them less likely for repairs and also make them easier to put together. They are also simpler to move and rotate, unlike straightforward faucets.
  2. Cartridge faucet – having a cartridge under the handle, this one automatically rotates to turn it off once you have turned it on. This one is ideal for saving water and when folks around your house often forget to turn off the faucet for some reason.


  1. Ceramic disk faucet – also known as a disk faucet, this one can be moved upwards, downwards, and from side to side. However, they have more limited movement as compared to a ball faucet. They are also much newer in terms of technology and design.


  1. Compression faucet – this one is usually made with two separate handles and is ideal for hot and cold operations. A compression faucet is usually assembled with washers and screws.


How do you fix a leaky kitchen faucet?

Here are the different ways that you can fix a leaky kitchen faucet depending on its type:


  1. Ball faucet:

Repair Cost: Ball faucets can be a bit expensive to repair but you won’t really have to repair them more frequently since they are made to withstand years of usage. A couple of replacement parts are what you’ll need to fix a ball faucet, depending on which part needs attention.


  1. Using pliers or a wrench, take out the handle, cap, and collar. The cam should be loosened to make it easier to remove later.
  2. Remove the cam, the ball, and the washer.
  3. Use thin pliers to remove the springs and seals.
  4. Any old o-rings should be replaced and be coated in plumber’s grease.
  5. If you need to replace any part, such as valve seats, cam washers, springs and the like, replace them now.
  6. Put it all back together with the handle.

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  1. Cartridge faucet:

Repair Cost: they can be so-so when it comes down to pricing for repairs but keep in mind that they can be a bit tricky to repair because of its delicate cartridge mechanism.


  1. Take out the handle and the retaining clip using pliers.
  2. Detach the cartridge and the faucet spout with the use of a wrench.
  3. Find the o-rings and replace them. If they are difficult to take out, use a thin knife and then coat them with plumber’s grease.
  4. Put it back together with the handle.


  1. Ceramic disk faucet:

Repair Cost: they may have a bit of price in terms of repair costs but they also don’t need to be replaced often due to their durability.


  1. Take out the handle and locate the escutcheon cap.
  2. Remove the escutcheon cap and the disk cylinder.
  3. Find the neoprene seals and then clean them up using white vinegar. Soak them in a few hours if they can’t be cleaned properly, or you can buy new ones if they can’t function properly anymore.
  4. Put together the faucet with the handle and make sure you turn on the faucet slowly at first so that the ceramic disk can have more time to get soaked to avoid cracking.

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  1. Compression faucet:

Repair Cost: They are the cheapest in terms of repair costs in general.


  1. Using a screwdriver, take out the handles.
  2. Take out the nut using a wrench.
  3. Locate the o-ring and the washer.
  4. Change the o-ring if there’s a leak around the handles and replace the washer if the body of the faucet leaks.
  5. Put back everything together and include both handles.



To wrap it up, fixing a leaky kitchen faucet may not be as hard as you think. You just need to know the type of faucet that you have, its inner workings, which part is faulty, and the cost of the parts. We hope you learned something from this DIY faucet fixing guide!