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Small Home Improvements

Small Home Improvements That Pay Off In A Big Way

With all these real estate development right now Improving your own space and making money out of it has been the latest trend. So if you are one of those who is planning to improve your home, you may want to consider these practical tips before you make the big step.


Take Some Time Assess First


Evaluate on what are the parts of the house that needs repair. Sort the major versus minor repairs so you could budget according to priority. Estimate the cost of the renovation. Call a friend if you think you need a helping hand.


It Pays To Make Some Research


It’s essential to gather as many ideas as possible. Make use of the internet, you can always search on almost all information possible. Read home improvement magazines. If you have the budget to consult a professional it would be ideal to do so. you just have to go through your list of friends. You might just find an old friend who happens to be very good at it. Just don’t forget to prepare a hearty home cooked dinner for them!


If you don’t have such connections, try consulting google and Pinterest, surely, you’ll get a lot of ideas.


Choose A Theme You Desire

It’s nice to have a theme in mind before you conceptualized everything on paper. Go with relaxing colors that invite you to come home and rest, or you can be playful in choosing colors.


If you’re undecided on what theme to choose, then, how about having the different theme for each part of the house. A coastal theme for your Kitchen and dining area, a Mediterranean themed living room, probably a Zen-themed masters bedroom.


Go Minimalistic

They said less is more. Your house is more appealing when there is less clutter. People buy with their eyes first. Maximize space by converting chairs, sofa, bed and under the stairs as cabinets as well.


Get organize and sort stuff according to usage. You will be surprised at how much you have and on what you haven’t used yet. Color code for easy identification. Sell those items that you don’t need anymore.


Spot on Garage/Surplus Stores

You won’t need to break in the bank. Spend a day where in you just shop around the town’s cheapest home renovation store. Look for on sale items, don’t forget to haggle for the price, and choose only what you can use.


DIY – Bring out the artist in you

Never underestimate yourself in this area. With all those information in the internet and a tutorial video on how to do this and that. You can always take advantage of that. You don’t really have to copy everything that you can see, however, you can customize it according to your taste and budget.


Repurpose those kinds of stuff in the storage room

  • – Convert that old door as an outdoor table for your backyard barbeque parties.
  • – Put some playful colors on your kitchen cabinets.
  • – Replace your old plates and centrepiece with the much modern look.
  • – Convert mason jars into tree lights.

Lights Works!


When showcasing your house, put on all the lights in the house. Replace busted bulbs with a more dramatic design. An insta worthy shot would be great for your marketing.


Don’t Forget the Ornaments

Just like choosing proper lighting, choose the right accent for any area of your house. This will make your space more interesting. Try hanging a vintage looking plate in the kitchen you haven’t used for quite a while.


Hide the Clutter

We don’t live in a perfect world, as much as we want to get organized, there are just some kinds of stuff that causes clutter.


Pay Attention to the Scent of Your House


Everybody wants to live in a nice smelling home. Our olfactory gland commonly known as the sense of smell, plays a big role in our memories. So, do yourself a favor and invest in a high-quality humidifier at home and even in your office.


Good thing it’s widely available in the market nowadays. You can even find one at the grocery store.


Don’t be guilty when indulging into oils and scent shopping. it is wise to choose different scents for our changing needs. How about a minty scent that soothes colds and asthma, a lavender scent for a good night sleep, vanilla for a warm welcome and your guests will never forget you.





Talk to a realtor to help you include your property in his listings. Have your place appraised by an appraiser and be willing to go on extra mile.  It won’t easy at first, it will even entail hard work. But your efforts will be paid off!