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How to Properly Clean Garbage Disposal

How to Properly Clean a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals help in cleaning away unwanted scraps and food in the jiffy. Though for a fact that it usually requires self-cleaning, it also requires attention as well as love from a single time. This will rid the garbage disposal from foul odors and bacteria causing diseases.

In this article, you will be provided with simple steps in proper manner of cleaning the garbage disposal in an effective manner while eliminating its odors. Try to consider the following steps in doing it:

Physically remove the lodged objects

This is the first thing to do before you start with the cleaning process. it is also important to turn off fuse, which supplies power to its disposal unit. This is to assure that it will not turn upon cleaning it.

  • You can use tongs or pliers in removing trapped object while being careful in avoiding a damaged grinder.
  • Avoid putting the hands down this garbage disposal.

Flushing with water

By simply flushing out garbage disposal thru the aid of water, it will surely help in removing any loose grime or dirt. You may add squirt of the dish soap while running hot water of 2-4 inches sitting in a sink.

  • Be sure that you use hot water instead of cold because hot water can liquefy any grease or even oil in a drain that allows it to be flushed away.
  • Flushing the drain with the use of this kind of method can be far greater as well as effective as compare to simply running it with tap water. It will surely allow an entire garbage disposal to be purged and rinsed out in any kind of built-up debris.

Using salt and cubes

Grinding salt and ice cubes in the garbage disposal can be a great way of removing tougher debris and sludge attached in it to grinding elements. Pour 2 cups of ice in the garbage disposal by following a 1 cup of rock salt.

  • You may turn on garbage disposal, then run cold water and allow salt as well as ice to crush thru the blades.
  • The alternative product for this is making freeze out of vinegar in crush ice cubes of garbage disposal.
  • In addition to properly cleaning your garbage disposal, grinding the ice will also help in sharpening the blades while removing any foul odors.

Scrubbing Manually

You can also manually scrub and clean the inner part of garbage disposal thru the aid of old toothbrush or scrub brush intended for the garbage disposals. If it is possible, you can also remove a screen from top of drain that will make it easier for you to clean it.

Doing these steps will not require you to become a pro when it comes to cleaning your garbage disposal. It is just a matter of following and be guided of the above steps to fully and properly maintain a clean garbage disposal while removing its foul odor. Upon reading this, are you ready to clean your garbage disposal?