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How to Install a Garbage Disposal

How to Install a Garbage Disposal

Installation of garbage disposal requires proficiency of doing it to avoid the possibility of unnecessary incidents. There are times that you already need to replace and install a new one because of the longevity of use of the old ones that may cause trouble while working in your kitchen.

But, if you want to install the garbage disposal on your own, you can still do it like a pro. This is only possible if you have an accurate as well as simple guide that will make the process of doing it possible with ease and comfort on your part.

Install a Garbage Disposal

Try to consider the following and follow the guide for your ease of installing garbage disposal:

  • Turning Off its Power and Removing the Drain Line

The first that you need to consider in looking under your sink to check that the disposal system is highly fitted. At the breaker, you may turn its power off. If there are existing drain line, try to remove it. You can place rag in main drain in order to prevent from leakage. Then, loosen a large nut on sink flange base while dropping it down. Lastly, push the body strainer thru a sink then remove it.

  • Removing Putty while Loosening Screws

Use screw driver in doing it then use rag to ensure all old putty is removed leaving the opening of sink clean.

  • Removing Snap Ring

Thru the aid of screwdriver, pry a snap ring out of sink flange. The assembly mounting will now be apart. While separating all the necessary parts make sure that it will not be damaged.

  • Applying Putty

Roll large plumber putty around sink opening.

  • Slipping Mounting Ring over a Flange

Hold backup ring and fiber gasket while slipping its mounting ring over a sink flange. Place wide rubber around flange in holding parts to be in place.

  • Installing Snap Ring
  • Install a snap ring with the aid of sliding this up a sink flange as it pops into a groove.
  • Installing Drain Lines

In installing the drain line, you may attach a P-trap to trap arm and tailpiece. Then, insert a discharge tube into a T fitting. Do not or avoid tightening fully a slip nut. You may also try to consider inserting its other end of a discharge tube in a disposal system. Next, you may utilize screwdriver in order to secure a metal flange with the aid of bolt supplied thru the disposal system.

You may slide bell of disposal system over a disposal drain, then you may clamp it up. Then, slide disposal bell coming from a dishwasher over a barbed connection on disposal system.

In following this guide, you will be assured that you are doing the right thing when it comes to installing the garbage disposal in your kitchen. There is no need to hire for a professional because you can already do it by yourself without asking for a professional to do it. While considering this, are you going to hire for a pro or just do it?

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