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Best Nut Milk Bag

A nut milk bag is simply a kind of strainer that you can carry anywhere because of its screen-like texture. Initially, it was created to make milk out of nuts but you can also use it for other kinds of drinks, such as for making coffee, juice, and the like. You can make any kind of juice or extract with the use of a nut milk bag.


Most nut milk bags fit well into your usual containers because it has a string on top, which you can fasten. It is also a good way to make green smoothies if you are ever onto this kind of popular drink. Nut milk bags are usually made from nylon and have this silky feel, but still made of food-safe materials (BPA-free).


The nut milk bag’s benefit is for juicing green smoothies, not just for nut milk. It is able to extract the liquid from your chosen ingredient so that the consistency will run smoother and all of the pulp bits will be kept separate if you don’t want that. The filtering capability of a nut milk bag works on all kinds of liquid drinks, such as tea or coffee, other than smoothies.


Best Nut Milk Bag

Below are our top picks for the best nut milk bags in the market:


Ellie’s Best Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag

This commercial-grade nut milk bag measures 12 x 12 inches so it is very spacious inside – you can make more nut milk in just one go. It is BPA-free in its nylon cheesecloth material so it is food-friendly. You can also use it for juices, coffees, and much more.


It is also applicable for making cheese and it is also easy to wash by the hand – you can also put it in the dishwasher and some have also tried cleaning it in the washing machine and worked just fine. Some people have also used it for making coconut milk and other types of milk.



This nut milk bag is also BPA-free so it is of food-grade. You can use it for various other food items other than almond milk, such as making tofu, yogurt, juices, tea, and coffee. It measures 12 x 10 inches and has a consistency level of up to 100 microns for its fine mesh.


The bag can also be used for making broths of veggies, green juices and smoothies, and the like. Double nylon stitching is done for making the nut milk bag more durable so that it can be used even by restaurants.


iAesthete Nut Milk Bag

Made with quality cheesecloth that has a rating of 80 microns, this one measures 12 x 12 inches and comes in a 2-pack for you to be able to use for different kinds of food items, other than almond milk. For instance, you can use it for coffee, tea, soy milk, fruit juice, veggie juice, and much more.


It also has a drawstring for easy sealing of the bag. The mesh is of high quality and works great for almond milk and you can also use it for homemade yogurt. Because it is a 2-bag package, you can use one for milk and the other for colored items like coffee and tea.


EcoPeaceful Nut Milk Bag

As an all-organic nut milk bag, this one is made with fabric, drawstring, and stitches all from eco-friendly material without any trace or hint of plastic materials to ensure it is very food-friendly. Organic cotton has been used to make sure your food items are safe. The food nut milk bag measures 12 x 13 inches so it is quite large for more nut milk content.


You can use it for straining various other food items, such as for vegetables and other juices due to the tight weave of the bag. It does not shrink unlike other bags out there that are too cheaply made.


My Big Fat Organic Nut (milk) Sacks

This set of 2 bags measure 12 x 12 inches each and they have drawstrings for easy pulling and sealing of your favorite nut milk ingredients. They are of commercial quality so you can use them in your own restaurant kitchen. They can be used as a cheesecloth for tea, coffee press, juicing, jellies, and much more.


You can also count on its organic materials due to being made from organic cotton and hemp. It can also be used for cashew, soy milk, flax, rice, coconut, and the like. The hemp and organic cotton are all naturally grown without pesticides so they are food-safe for your favorite drinks.


Meshberry Nut Milk Bag

If you want to be able to make your own Greek yogurt, this is a good choice for you. It is a durable mesh bag that measures 12 x 12 inches and has a micron rating of 75 microns so it filters most food debris easily. It can also be used if you want to make your own homemade cottage cheese.


The nylon strainer is much more durable than most cheesecloth out there. Don’t worry, as the nylon strainer is only made from BPA-free material to make sure it is food-friendly. It can be used on various liquid food items other than nut milk and yogurt. It is also not tested on animals and is certified cruelty-free.


NYKKOLA Nut Milk Bag

Measuring 12 x 10 inches, this one is made with premium stitch and fabric material on its fine mesh weave so that your food items will be filtered thoroughly. You can make your own dairy-free milk with this one and it has a high rating of 200 microns for full filtering without the problem of clogging and tearing due to its high durability. You can also use it for coffee, tea, and other brews.


P&F Hemp Nut Milk Bag

Do you want a nut milk bag that is made from organic hemp? This one is a good choice, as it is a purely organic material nut milk bag without the instances of harmful chemicals. It is large in size at 13 x 12 inches and it can also be used for coffee other than almond milk. You can use it for yogurt and other food items that need some filtering out, such as jelly.


Iqzeens Nut Milk Bag

Made from organic cotton, this one is made with antibacterial properties due to the natural cotton and hemp mixture, so it is not just food-safe but also ideal for keeping mold and bacteria at bay. Its drawstring cord is also quite durable yet easy to pull together.


Diana Stobo’s Nut-Milk Bag

Sized for 2 quarts, this one is made with durable nylon that is BPA-free and does not stretch or shrink, so it is going to be reusable for many other instances. It also comes with its own sprouting bag other than the cheesecloth. It also comes with a free recipe other than the nut milk bag and food strainer, which you can also use it for cold brew coffee.


Lazaga Best Nut Milk Bag

This reusable nut milk bag has no sewn seams so it is very good at filtering without the likelihood of ruining your milk consistency. It also has free recipes and has a very fine mesh – perfect for green smoothies or your favorite almond milk. It is also backed by 2-year money back guarantee.


Nutiana Nut Milk Bag

Sized XL for large batches, this one is of food-grade quality and is made with nylon that is safe for any food ingredients. It has a round base that makes it very simple to drop the items without making a mess in the kitchen. The double-reinforced seams ensure that every last drop of the nut milk can be poured out of the milk bag.




Are nut milk bags reusable?

Yes, nylon nut milk bags can be reused to be able to make other kinds of drinks. If you have already used it before for making nut milk, that doesn’t mean that it’s only for that purpose – you can use it for cold brewed coffee, other types of milk, and of course, juicing. Keep in mind that since coffee and tea can stain anything, you may need to clean up your nut milk bag more often if you use it for those drinks.


What can I use to strain nut milk?

A nut milk bag is the best thing to use for your nut milk extraction. However, if you don’t currently have this kind of cheesecloth, you can use any of the following:


  1. Mesh bag – you can use a mesh bag that can be purchased from your local hardware store. You can use a laundry bag or a paint strainer bag, as long as it is clean and sanitized for your food items.


  1. Cotton filter – you can use any kind of cotton fabric to satisfy your needs. After all, cotton items are very easy to clean and maintain (and are usually eco-friendly). Choose any kind of cotton you have at home, such as fabric scraps, an old pillowcase (that’s thoroughly cleaned), napkins, and more. Make sure you clean them up first before using as a filter.


  1. Sieve – choose a sieve that’s finer than most of the stuff that you’ll buy from the market. This one is ideal for making broths as well, other than nut milk and juices. You can also use it to make homemade cheese. You can get one of these from your local department store’s kitchen supplies area.


  1. Coffee filter – yes, you can also use a coffee filter if you don’t have a nut milk bag. It basically does the same job – filter out the particles from your nut milk extract. In fact, you can also use a nut milk bag for coffee and vice versa.


  1. Pantyhose – yes, when all is said and done and you just need something that’s not too costly, you can use a good old pantyhose or tights from your drawer that’s thoroughly cleaned. You can even use it for straining herbs for juicing, other than for nut milk. Simply sew the ends shut and you have an instant nut milk bag that’s easy to carry around.


How do you clean a nut milk bag?

To clean a nut milk bag, here are the things you need to do:


  1. Use organic soap to wash all parts of the nut milk bag, inside and out.
  2. Rinse the bag in running water. Optional: put them in boiling water for sanitizing.
  3. If the bag has stains and smells, soak it in some vinegar first.
  4. If it’s full of discoloration, use oxygen bleach.
  5. Dry them in a ventilated area or under the sun outside.


Can I use a shirt instead of cheesecloth?

Yes – as long as your favorite shirt is made of cotton cloth, you will be able to use it just fine for a nut milk bag substitute. Just keep in mind that it needs to be very clean in order to be used for food items.



To wrap it up, nut milk bags are useful for different food items, not just for nut milk, but also for things such as making homemade cheese, coffee, tea, fruit, and veggie green juices. We hope you liked our top picks for the best nut milk bags out there!