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Electric Food Dehydrator
Electric Food Dehydrator

How to Use a Food Dehydrator

If you are looking into food dehydration seriously, odds are that you have done your research.  That is what anyone would do to ensure that it is the right lifestyle change for them.  If not, you’re ready to start.  The thing about food dehydration is that there are many ways to do it.  The best methods for the modern man are:

  • Electrical Dehydrator
  • Oven Drying
  • Microwave Drying
Use an Oven as a Food Dehydrator

Use an Oven as a Food Dehydrator

These all guarantee fast results for your needs and require none to little investment.  The bottom two options are great for those who aren’t looking to get too serious about it, but if you’re ready to make the commitment to a better lifestyle, then it’s best to invest in an electrical dehydrator.

There are lots of different brands around that will help you enjoy a healthier life.  You need to do your research and make sure you bring the right one home for you and your needs.

Read the instructions carefully

When you bring home the food dehydrator, make sure you are particular in reading the instructions.  The top things you should look out for are:

  • Warnings
  • Cleaning and care
  • FAQ

All of these are critical to scan before touching anything because you need to ensure the long term health of the machine itself.  You will need the help of the instruction manual to do that.  Each one is different, so make sure you read these carefully.

Pick your favourite foods

You aren’t going to enjoy using the dehydrator if you aren’t using the right foods.  Pick fruits and veggies that you love and you’ll be able to enjoy it freely.  Make sure that your food dehydrator is the right system for those particular foods.  Some will work better for meats, and some will work better for veggies.  Pick the right one for you.

Using your dehydrator

When you have the food bought, cleaned, dried, cut and organized, put it into the electrical dehydrator and follow the instructions as it will tell you.   Make sure you keep the food separated.  Each shelf is to be used for a different kind of food.  Do not put two kinds of food on the same shelf or you will find that the tastes blend together.

Electrical dehydrators are intended to keep flavour and crunch locked into your food.  By keeping everything in separate levels and drawers, you are ensuring that the flavour will not blend together and cause cross-contamination.

The dehydration process will differ from food to food.  Make sure you set the timer to match the food that you are saving.  Here are some general tips to make the best out of your dehydrator:

  • Check on your food regularly
  • Do a taste test and mark the results

Like any kind of baking or cooking, you want to make sure that it tastes right for you.  When you get your first results, make sure that you write down the results so that you can enjoy the benefits by adjusting the timer or method of preservation.  It has to work for you.

Do you have the right device?

You have to make sure that you have the right dehydrator for you.  It was mentioned previously, but needs to be talked about more.  You won’t get the flavour or the preservation results that you want if you don’t have the right product.

  • Do your research
  • Ask a friend
  • Ask a professional

These are all sure ways to get the right device in your sights.  There are so many products out there that you’re going to want to pick all of them for different reasons.  Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money on one, because it’ll save you a lot in the long run.  It is an investment for a healthier and better future overall.


What it all comes down to is making sure that you have the right foods and the right machine.  It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t get it right.  You won’t get the results that you want without getting the system that you need.  Keep that in mind when you’re researching, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You are the only one that will know which system is the right fit for you, your tastebuds, and your lifestyle.

Your tastier future awaits you…are you ready to go out there and get it?