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How to Use an Electric Smoker

How to Use an Electric Smoker

Through the use of an electric smoker, the meat is cooked in low temperature for a long period of time and it is also prevented from spoiling while you are adding flavor into it. If you want to have the taste of a good smoked food, trying to make use of an electric smoker can make it possible for you to easily smoke your food without spending huge amount of time keeping an eye on the smoker.

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Decide on the type of the electric smoker you will use

The first step is for you to choose the type of smoker that you will use.

  • Using a vertical water type of electric smoker is more inexpensive compared to other types however; it does not maintain its core temperature during the cold weather. In preparing the meat in an electric smoker, you should be able to determine if you will smoke your food during the hot months of summer before you purchase this kind of electric smoker.
  • On the other hand, making use of an electric cabinet smoker is also ideal as it is shaped just like a small refrigerator. Most of this type of smoker comes with a temperature gauge in order for you to control the core temperature. When you choose to cook meat with the use of an electric smoker, it is very important for you to control its temperature.

After you are able to choose the type of electric smoker that you will use, it is very important to read the instruction on how to use it from the manual because there are lots of electric smokers and each of them have different operating directions. When making use of an electric smoker, you need to fully understand how its specific model functions.

Follow the direction provided by the manufacturer in seasoning or in curing new kind of electric smoker

Seasoning or Curing new kind of electric smokerThis method removes the dust, the odors as well as the solvents in preparing the electric smoker in order to cook foods such as meat. Season it first before using the electric smoker.

  • Coat the indoor and the racks surfaces of your electric smoker with a cooking oil
  • Turn on the smoker and then let it run for 2 hours. After that, turn your smoker off and then open its hood let it cool off

When you completely do that, the next thing to do is to prepare the meat by means of seasoning it with dry rubs such as salt, sugar and then herbs or by soaking it in a marinade if you want to cook it with the use of electric smoker. After that, allow the meat to sit in the seasoning overnight for it to absorb the flavor.

When it fully absorbed the seasoning, the next thing to do is to turn the electric smoker on and add water to it if it contains water receptacle. You can also purchase wood chips at hardware shops or at grocery store in order to make your electric smoker work more effectively.

Always check on the temperature of your smoker

Check the temperature of electric smokerWhen you are cooking food with an electric smoker, it is very important to always check on its internal temperature because most of the electric smokers come with temperature gauge.

  • Adjust its temperature control. There are some electric smokers that have dial device where you can turn the temperature down or up while there are some that are set at a certain high point like the 225 degrees.
  • Wait for the electric smoker to reach your desired temperature. When cooking food with the use of an electric smoker, you don’t want to always begin your meat until the right temperature has been obtained.

Once you are able to get the desired temperature that you want to have for your smoked food, it would be the time for you to now put your meat in the electric smoker rock. Smoke it until it is already tendered and looks deliciously juicy. This process can take for about 3 up to 8 hours. In order for you to check if your food is already done, insert a meat thermometer into the center and when you noticed that it is all right, then it is now ready to serve and eat. Your family and friends will surely enjoy the smoked food that you served to them.

With the use of an electric smoker, you will be able to prepare smoked foods for your loved ones in a fast and easy way. So, do want now to taste juicy and deliciously smoked food from an electric smoker?

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