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Smoke Brisket in Electric Smoker

How to Smoke Brisket in Electric Smoker

Do you want to smoke brisket in an electric smoker? If you want to try this other way of cooking brisket, it is very important to know the importance of its step-by-step procedure. Of course the procedure should be followed to make sure that the taste and the texture of a real brisket recipe should be exactly achieved through smoking it in an electric smoker. If you haven’t tried it yet, or it would be your first time to do this kind of brisket cooking method be guided with its proper smoking and here are as follows.

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Choose the Brisket

electric smoker brisket

Don’t easily chose the brisket which you thin k is enough for your brisket smoking idea. There are several things that you should consider first before you give attention to the next detail of smoking the brisket. So what are these things that should be remembered in choosing the right brisket to smoke? Here are the following:

  • Search or buy a brisket which is 10 pounds. It is an important point to consider because it is the ideal weight of a brisket piece to achieve a great texture and taste as an outcome of smoking.
  • Look for that brisket with a thick layer of fat. It should be your choice since the higher fat it has, it will surely remain moist during the process of smoking it.
  • Look for a tender type of brisket. Choose that one which bends more when you weigh it in your hands as it is already a good sign of its tenderness.

Do the Preparation

Prepare for smoking brisket electric smokerOnce the selection of brisket came successful, the preparation of it should come next. Consider using your preparation skills especially for this brisket smoking idea by simply doing some easy and effective ways for preparing the brisket before you smoke it. Here are the ways to make the preparation.

  • Make sure you have your hands clean to rub and massage the meat the night before you smoke the brisket. Take note that to marinade the brisket will give a satisfying taste when it is already smoked. The taste of the brisket does not just depend on its smoked taste but also with the ingredients used on it.
  • Massage the entire area of the meat with the ingredients you have to put on it. Do this if you want to achieve a well distributed taste within the brisket and guarantee that the taste will be at its best.
  • After you put out the ingredients and thoroughly spread it to the layer of the meat, wrap it using an aluminum foil. Refrigerate the wrapped brisket overnight to ensure that the meat will keep its freshness and expected taste when it is done over smoking.

Smoke the Brisket

Smoke the Brisket in electric smokerThe process of smoking the brisket is quite long than the first two step mentioned above. This is the smoking moment wherein you are already using the electric smoker and you should be careful about the proper use of it or else you will not be able to see the result you are expecting from your targeted brisket recipe. Here are these steps for smoking your brisket.

  • Remove the brisket from the refrigerator from 1 or two hours before you smoke it. This idea should come into your mind if you want to meet the exact time that you are expecting for the brisket to be smoked.
  • Set the temperature mentioned in your brisket recipe to achieve its taste and texture perfectly. Follow the instructions given in the recipe to make sure that you have everything mentioned in the recipe book. If you think you have not followed any of the given instructions, you can look for remedy or at least take note of this for the next time you smoke brisket.
  • Prepare for the things you need when you plate the brisket and before you serve it on the table. Make sure that these things are already prepared to achieve a great result for smoking your brisket since these are the simplest ways to ensure that you are already achieving the perfect way for your brisket recipe.
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Is it easy to smoke brisket? If you have read the smoking brisket ways above, your answer would always be “Yes”, it is easy to smoke brisket using your own electric smoker at home.

If you really want to smoke brisket, just prefer on this ways given above to have the perfect brisket recipe you can prepare for the whole family. Take a look at the steps above and follow them so you can say that it is really easy. Don’t forget to focus on your brisket recipe too for achieving the taste you want. So you can Smoke Brisket in Electric Smoker now, right?

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