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Gas Vs Electric Smoker: Which Is Better

Cooking with gas and electric smokers have been in practice for many years. These forms of cooking offer great flavor and texture to the meal being prepared. In recent times, these forms of cooking have become widely accepted because of the technological developments being made.

Both electric and gas smokers are great cooking methods that have many similarities. The major difference between the two is the process of generating heat. While the electric smokers applies the use of electricity as its source, the gas smoker uses charcoal or wood.

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Gas Smoker Features

The gas, or propane smoker, as it is also called, is designed to allow the smoking of heat in a controlled environment. The heat is generated by a gas burner that is situated directly below an iron or steered box, which contains the wood or charcoal responsible for providing the smoke.

The steel box is made with few vent holes, located at the top of the box only. It smokes, rather than burn when the heated wood of oxygen is starved. Any addition of charcoal and wood could be used. This is a method that makes use of less wood. Clearly, the gas smoker uses a propane tank, like gas grill will. Most people who use gas smokers are very pleased with its performance.

Electric Smoker Features

The electric smoker is similar to the gas smoker, but there are a few differences. For example, the electric smoker has more complicated components like the thermostats, heating elements and programmable timers. Also, it makes use of electricity, rather than fuel gas uses. This indicates that, in places where electricity is not available, the electric smoker cannot be used. However, the results of electric smokers speak for themselves. Just like the gas smoker users, many of those using the electric smoker are very pleased with its performance.

Benefits of Gas Smokers

  • Benefits of Gas Smokers

    Benefits of Gas Smokers

    Easy to Use

Like the electric smokers, a gas smoker is also very easy to use. They have no complication, so an average cook can easily understand every procedure.

  • Very Portable

Unlike the electric smoker, gas smokers are very portable.

  • Flexibility

The gas smoker is very flexible; it can get upwards 450 degrees.

  • Faster Cooking Time

It takes a faster time to cook on a gas smoker, than on an electric smoker, which has to warm up before cooking. The temperature can be adjusted every moment, so food can cook faster by lowering the temperature with less scorching.

  • Electricity is not a Barrier

The gas smoker can easily work without the use of electricity. In places where there is no electricity or places where power is interrupted due to weather or other factors, gas smokers have a big advantage.

Benefits of Electric Smokers

  • Benefits of Electric Smokers

    Electric Smokers


They are very safe. While the gas smokers need fire to produce smoke, electric smokers don’t. In places where open flames pose a danger, electric smokers have a big advantage.

  • Low Cost

Electric smokers are way cheaper than the gas smoker. They don’t require constant charcoal or wood to keep the flame going, like the gas smoker. They only need to be plugged and don’t consume much power.

  • Easy to Use

All you need is plug the electric smoker, set the temperature and start cooking. The gas smoker takes a longer time to get going.

  • Convenience.

The gas smoker requires many tasks like having to keep air flow, temperature and flame. But the electric smoker doesn’t have any of these tasks. Just plug it in and let it run.

Gas and electric smokers are great cooking devices for modern-day use. To choose one over the other, you’ll have to first consider all the pros and cons, your environment as well as your needs. Do you live in a smoke-friendly environment? How much will it cost? How large is the capacity and how easy is it to use?

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