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How to fry chicken in an electric skillet

How to fry chicken in an electric skillet

Most individuals are often seen learning chicken as the first recipe. There are different chicken recipes available, fried chicken is something that needs some skill. The technique is simple but you need to make sure everything is just perfect to get the desired result every time. So whenever you are going to try this fry chicken make sure your front door is closed so that neighbors don’t follow their nose to your kitchen!


  • One Tub Crisco or any other alternative
  • Select suitable number of chicken pieces as per the oil level
  • Four cups of AP or rice flour
  • Three eggs
  • Hot Sauce, Pepper and Salt
  • Half cup of Milk or water
  • Paper Towels

Preparing Chicken

Preparing Chicken for FryingTake a stock pot and put chicken pieces on it. Add cold water and ice cubes on it. This will help chicken juices to remain till the frying procedure. On the other side add Crisco and set the temperature at 350 degrees. Electric skillets are just perfect for frying chicken and using 4 inch large skillet is just perfect.

Place baking dishes or plates on counter, in one add flour and eggs on the other. Make sure you whisk all three eggs with fork, can add some milk to it. Take chicken pieces from ice bath; carefully soak it properly with paper towel. Place it on flour and then on to the egg mixture. Place the chicken piece back on to flour plate.

Frying Chicken

With the help of tongs make sure you put chicken in oil, place onepiece a time. Place chicken form a certain distance just to avoid any kind of splash if occurs. Take your own time and fry one piece at a time.

Gatheringall chicken pieces in the pan won’t help the situation. Another option is to place chicken piece at an inch distance in the container. This will help in turning without disturbing other chicken pieces.

After placing the piece cover up the pan and set the time for six minutes. Nothing to rush or worry as things will be just as per the need. After five minutes you can try one piece of chicken and check if its taste is perfect.

Checking a bit earlier can help you feel assured that the piece is crispy enough. Once it is done flip every piece with pepper and salt. It is however important to remember that every piece will blacken a bit once it is out of the container, all because of the heat.

It is important that you fry both side of the chicken carefully, make sure you don’t over fry it so that it looks dark enough. Longer the piece sits over grease, the greasier chicken will look. Adjust the temperature or its time accordingly so that you can fry each side easily. According to experts eight minutes a side is just perfect.

Once fried, you can place the chicken on paper towels. Allow it to cool and make sure the pieces are done all the way. Once the meal is put away make sure the Crisco is completely cooled, remove it safely from the pan with wooden spoon.

Now serve this delicious and pleasant fried chicken recipe on plate with hot sauce or honey. Isn’t it yummy?

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