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How to Use a Can Opener

How to Use a Can Opener?

It takes a huge amount of time and effort to get the best use of can opener. If you have not used this can opener before, it can always appeal to be confusing and difficult to use. But, with the best practice and steps on how to use it, you’re assured that you can easily and simply make use of such opener without experiencing any problem anymore.

Manual Can Opener

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  • Understanding Can Opener Components

Though can opener can be considered a simple tool, it primarily is consists of three different types of machine apparatuses. It has two long arms that are completely clamp and leave on its side.  The handle use in turning the can is also comprised of the wheel and axle. Lastly, its circular wheel that cuts the can is called the wedge.

  • Opening Can Opener’s Arms

You need now to place the wedge on the can’s lip. This will align the opener’s wheel automatically. Then, squeeze the arms firmly. With the best practice, you can make use of this can opener properly.

  • Starting to Turn the Can Opener’s Handle

You need to fit securely the opener to the can to prevent flying off. It is also a sharp type of object from hence you need to be very careful. Start rotating the wheel beneath until it cuts the can.

  • Working Your Way While Turning the Handle

This step can pierce the seal, cutting the can as you move around the lid edges. When it’s gone, the lid will disengage from the can opener in a natural way. Carefully, dispose the lid of the can and enjoy its content.

Electronic Can Opener

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  • Lifting Cutter Head Up

You need to place the can against its back top part. Then, position the can’s lip in between the cutting apparatus and the wheel.

  • Pressing the Head of the Cutter Down

This step can set the can opener into its cutting motion. It will start to rotate the can. Hold the can as it turns to prevent tipping.

  • Allowing the Opener’s Magnet to Completely Catch Hold

This step may immediately raise slightly the lid up. When the can’s lid is entirely cut, you may now lift the cutter head’s top part. Then, disengage the can from your opener in a careful manner.

  • Removing the Lid from the Magnet of the Can Opener

Grab and hold the lid in between your fingers while pressing its cut part against the fingers. Then, disposition of the lid. Enjoy using the content of the can.

These are just some of the best steps on how to use a can opener either it’s electronic or manual can opener. As you follow the mentioned above tips in a proper and careful way, you’re assured that you can truly enjoy the contents of the can you’ve opened without experiencing any difficulty and problem anymore.

So, what are you waiting for? With the mentioned above tips, you’re assured that opening a can is made easy and simple for you. So, can you now make use of can opener in opening a can?