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The History of BUNN, One of the most popular coffee maker brand

More than 160 years ago. Jacob Bunn started to run a grocery store in Springfield, Illinois, America. At that time, young Abe Lincoln was one of the earliest customers. After the fifth heritage’s inheritance, BUNN has been a global partner, a reliable supplier of beverage equipment, and he has got all places customers’ belief.

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Since invented a filter paper and used it in business in 1957, BUNN always at the forefront of beverage equipment. When the social enter into the digital age, BUNN’s excellent technology team also continued to move forward, fused the newest science and technology, they have developed all kinds of products including coffee machine, bean grinder, hot drinks machine, iced teas machine, juices machine and slush machine.

BUNN adhere to produce the high quality products in strict with the high standard, the producing process has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management certification. Adhering to the purpose of “honesty, integrity, courtesy, quality”, with the development of the enterprise, BUNN has trained thousands of loyal customers.

BUNN trusted very much by global professionals. BUNN entered the domestic market, in 2006, got likes from famous chain restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC. BUNN’s outstanding appearance design, superior quality, low probability of failure got the broad masses of the user’s high praise so far. Of course, BUNN’s equipment produced the finished products, unique taste, also got the vast number of consumers loves. BUNN drove the development of the American coffee in the domestic market, let more people understand the coffee, also let more people drink the coffee.

BUNN invented the first filter paper used to business. It developed by George BUNN. The first BUNN manually add water coffee machine. Model: X, was invented in 1963. It based on the establishment of the Bunn-O-Matic company.

The first commercial type household drip filter coffee machine was invented in 1972. It made the built-in the hot water boiler of blunt boiled demand characteristics into the house.

My cafe single head commercial used the tea bags tea-boiled machine, and began to use the coffee capsule to boil coffee in 2005.

The stage rushed cooking was introduced in 2010. The water is heated to the ideal temperature heat flow & technology innovated the type drip filter coffee machine.

The Bunn-O-Matic company joined the HOFEX exhibition in Hong Kong, in May, 2011.