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Keurig K75 Platinum Personal Coffee Maker Reviews
Keurig K75 Platinum Personal Coffee Maker Reviews

Keurig K75 Platinum Personal Coffee Maker Reviews

As we all know, Keurig is the leader of coffee maker industry, which its single cup brewing system makes coffee lover have a chance to brew great coffee, one cup at a time under one minute. Keurig K75 Platinum Personal Coffee Maker is one of the newest products of Keurig, which helps people enjoy fresh coffee whenever they want.

The premium model can help us brew a perfect cup of coffee, hot cocoa and tea without the problem of grinding beans or cleaning up. All we need to do is just press a button. The machine will take about 4 minutes to quickly heat the water once it is filled with water when initially set up. In the heating stage, a red light between heating will become illuminated.

Then the small mug button will flash after the red light turn off when the water is heated. The machine will start cleansing brew once press the small mug. The brewer will take 15 seconds to reheat the water between brews during the red light be illuminated. The one-time set-up process will be complete after the red light turns off.

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Features of Keurig K75 Platinum Personal Coffee Maker

  • Advanced programmable LCD control center
  • Auto ON and OFF; blue backlit LCD display; Adjustable Temperature; Set your Favorite Cup Size; Digital Clock
  • Five brewing sizes
  • Extra large – 12 oz. For travel mugs
  • Large Mug – 10 oz.
  • Small Mug – 8 oz.
  • Small Cup – 6 oz.
  • Extra Small Cup – 4 oz.
  • INCLUDES one My K-Cup reusable filter
  • For brewing your own beverages
  • Allows you to use your own ground coffee


  • Deliciously coffee in less than 1 minute
  • Uses a built in water filter to ensure that you do not have a chlorine aftertaste present in your coffee
  • New Quiet Brew Technology
  • Uses the K Cup coffee pods which allows a large amount of diversity when selecting your favorite type of coffee
  • Includes 12-count K-Cup variety pack and Water Filter Kit
  • Remove extra large 72-oz. Water Reservoir w/ blue light- makes up to 10 cups before refilling


The manual power switch is in the back of the brewer

Keurig K75 Platinum Personal Coffee Maker reviews

So far so perfect. No problem with it. The machine looks nice to live on the desk. It works as the AMZ said. You can set up the timer to turn it on. I start up at 6am and shut off and 7am daily. Furthermore, it has an auto-off setting that turns off any time when it’s not in use for 1, 2, 3, etc.. hours. The water container seems well made with no leaks so far. The base of the machine is removable to accommodate longer travel mugs. On the whole, it’s wonderful and I do recommend it. It makes making coffee an easy digging especially I’m rushing to hit the road in the morning.

My husband and I don’t get up at the same time. In the past, every time I get up the coffee had been sitting and wasn’t very good. Fortunately, Now I can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning!

K-cups are most readily available and the cheapest. The machine is easy to load and clean. I also use it to make my own coffee using the K-Cup reusable coffee filter/container.

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