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How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee

How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee

Is drinking a cup of coffee part of your early morning routine? If so, you are one of those people who feel incomplete without having a cup of coffee in the morning. Many people drink coffee because it’s their way to start their day right. A sip of good coffee is probably what that you need to start a great day. Drinking coffee has become part of some people’s lives.

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There are people who drink coffee to boost their energy and keep them going. Whatever the reasons are, coffee has become an intrinsic part of life. Drinking coffee is indeed a better alternative to energy drinks and drinks. Many people love drinking coffee, whether it is cold or hot. However, not all of them realize that it contains calories too.

Unlike soft drinks and energy drinks, coffee has less calories but adding more flavorings like milk and sugar to coffee can cause your coffee to contain more calories. There are numerous types of coffee being served in different coffee shops. So, the amount of calories in a cup of coffee differs based on the ingredients added to it.

Plain coffee has low calories, but the amount of calories increase drastically if you keep adding more ingredients to your coffee. It is one main reason why coffees from coffee shops have more calories.  In line with this, it is important to check your calorie intake when you drink your preferred cup of coffee.

Extra Ingredients Add Calories

Bear in mind that calories in a cup of coffee depend on the type of coffee you take. A plain cup of hot brewed coffee has 1-2 calories only. However, if you keep on adding extra sugar, whipping cream and more, your coffee will have more calories.

Check out how many calories one tablespoon of these additional ingredients can add to your cup of coffee:

  • One tablespoon of Fat-free milk will add 5 calories to your coffee.
  • One tablespoon of sugar will add 49 calories to your coffee.
  • One tablespoon of whipping cream will add 52 calories

Calories in Different Types of Coffee

Different types of coffee, whether it is home-made or bought from the shop, contain different amounts of calories. One tsp. dry powder of instant coffee has 4 calories and 8oz of instant coffee has 4 calories. 8oz brewed coffee has 2 calories. Brewed coffee with 2tbsp. of non-dairy creamer has 43 calories. Brewed coffee with 3tbsp of skim milk has 13 calories.

So, it is important that you check the nutritional details before you order and drink it. Bear in mind that there are some coffee drinks that have calories. Occasional indulgence to drink a cup of coffee is fine, but you should remember that when it comes to weight reduction, counting calories is important including calories from your favorite cup of coffee. So, do you think it’s now the right time for you to start counting calories in your cup of coffee?

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