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Best Cast Iron Teapot

We’ve all heard of cast iron as a cooking material, but did you know that you can also use cast iron for making a teapot? Yes, nowadays, teapot sets now apparently have a cast iron version. Teapot sets can be made from cast iron because they are used in certain Asian ceremonies such as the Japanese Tea ceremony, which has been used for many years.


Cast iron teapots have great benefits hailing from thousands of years and it doesn’t alter the flavor in any way. In fact, it has a lot of cultural backgrounds (as mentioned above) and it can be used as both a kettle and a teapot at the same time. Cast iron is also a quite durable material that will last a long time. If you have a Japanese restaurant or Asian-themed bistro, getting yourself a cast iron teapot is a must due to its significance in the Japanese culture.


Best Cast Iron Teapot

Here are our picks for some good cast iron teapots out there:


Sotya Tetsubin Japanese Tea Kettle

This Japanese cast iron teapot has a quality finish on the outside and a handle that is easy to hold due to the tied rope around it. The teapot can take up to 40 ounces or 1,200 mL of tea, whether you want to use loose leaf tea or regular tea bags.


You can also use it just to heat up hot water other than brewing tea or other drinks. With proper oiling, you can have a rust-free tea kettle that can last for a long time. While it doesn’t whistle, it still does its job of heating up water.

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TOWA Workshop Tetsubin Teapot

Made for brewing tea, this Japanese kettle is able to take up to 1,200 mL of tea or any kind of liquid. It has a beautiful design for the lid as well as on its oversized handle at the top. It is safe to use for stovetops so you can brew tea anywhere that you want.


Many people say that it has a good quality for its cast iron and has the perfect size for most cups of tea. It is also easy to clean, has a good enamel on the inside for better tea flavor, and it can also be used for boiling water.

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Primula Cast Iron Teapot

This one has a blue floral design around the teapot and has a black handle over the top lid. Unlike other teapots made from cast iron, this one has a blue color which makes it unique. It can take up to 34 ounces on its capacity and its lid is easy to remove due to the large handle.


It already includes a tea infuser inside for any loose leaf tea or bagged tea. The enameled interior ensures that your flavored tea will have much more flavor. You can also fold down the handle for convenient storage and pouring.


Happy Sales HSCT-BMG04, Cast Iron Tea Pot

Great for when you want to have a Japanese tea ceremony (or Chinese tea ceremony for that matter), this one already comes with its own teacups that are made from the same material as the cast iron teapot. Its tea kettle measures 7 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches while its teacups are just the right size at 3 x 2 inches.


The green bamboo color of the cast iron tea set makes it awesome, unlike the usual black ones. The kettle also already comes with its own infusing basket while it is also glazed with enamel for added tea flavor. It can take up to 20 ounces of tea inside.


Old Dutch Cast Iron Positivity Teapot

Having a flat design, this teapot made from cast iron and a porcelain enamel inside ensures that your tea is safe and sound without altering the flavors badly – in fact, it also adds a better flavor to the tea. The heat retention of the teapot is good and it is also easy to carry with the included handle.


The cast iron is available in either dusk blue or moss green colors for you to choose. You can also heat up hot water into this teapot and it can take up to 26 ounces of tea or hot water.


Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot/Tetsubin

Combining the colors of black maple and gold, this rustic designed teapot can be eye candy for any home with a similar design. The coated interior to prevent rust also has an enamel for added flavor for your tea without contaminating it.


As it is made in Japan, it is an authentic item that is going to be a good Japanese tea ceremony item. This cast iron teapot is able to take up to 22 ounces of hot tea. Many people find it easy to clean and dry and doesn’t rust easily. The only small con is that it is not a gas stove compatible.


Primula Black PCI-7440 Cast Iron Teapot

From the same brand as one of our previous picks, this one has a black design and color. It has a non-slip surface due to the dots around it while its handle makes it also easy to carry around. The teapot is able to carry and heat up 36 ounces of tea or hot water.


The teapot comes with its own stainless steel infuser for the tea (whether bagged or loose leaf) and its lid fits perfectly. Do note that this one is also not ideal for stovetop use.


Kendal Japanese Cast Iron Pot Tea Set

Are you looking for a complete set? This one not only contains a teapot for Japanese tea ceremonies but a whole set of 2-ounce cups along with it. There is even a trivet that allows you to place your teapot while it is still hot while waiting for your guests to arrive.


The teapot’s capacity is 28 ounces and you can pour your tea easily into any of the included 4 cups. The removable stainless steel mesh infuser makes things easier when you want to make loose leaf tea.


JUEQI Cast Iron Teapot Kettle

Also made with an intricate design and an easy-hold handle, this teapot comes with its own stainless steel tea infuser. At 30 ounces or 900 mL of capacity, this teapot is okay to use on a stovetop so you can use it quickly. You can use it not just for tea but also for coffee and the like.


Juvale Blue Floral Cast Iron Teapot

Bearing a floral design in a blue shade, this 34-ounce tea kettle has a stainless steel infuser inside for your favorite tea (whether loose leaf or bagged) while the cast iron heats up evenly. While it is not for stovetop use, you can easily clean it up and it is good for tea ceremonies.



Are cast iron teapots good?

Yes, teapots that are made from cast iron are exceptionally good as compared to modern counterparts. The Japanese used them from a long time ago to brew tea in their so-called tea ceremonies.


These ceremonies involve a delicate way of preparing tea in a step-by-step process, starting from preparing the materials needed, cleansing them, heating up the hot water in the cast iron teapot, cleansing your materials again, and then pouring your tea of choice (e.g. matcha, otherwise known as green tea) then pouring your hot water from the teapot.


The following are the benefits of using a cast iron teapot:


  1. They vary in size and designs – teapots made from cast iron are usually very intrinsic in design; hence they can be a great addition to your dining area’s décor as well. Most of these can be found in antique stores and they can still be used for ages.


  1. No toxic materials – because cast iron is generally a food-friendly material, just as you would cook on a cast iron pan or skillet, your tea will be fresh-tasting without the likelihood of chemicals leeching into your drink.


  1. Good heat retention – the important thing to know about cast iron materials is that they retain heat better than most cooking materials out there. This is why it is also good for brewing tea (and coffee, or any kind of hot beverage that you want to make).


  1. Can be used for gas or wood stoves – because the design of a teapot that is made with cast iron is versatile, you can use it for either a modern gas stove or a traditional wood stove.


  1. Durable material – perhaps all of us are aware of cast iron’s durability. In fact, how do you think those age-old Japanese teapots survived for many years without breaking? That’s cast iron’s magic!


  1. Improves tea flavor – a special enamel is used for most teapots made from cast iron. This is why you will have a better-tasting tea than with regular teapots when you use cast iron for the material.


Can you put a cast iron teapot on a gas stove?

Yes! Many people usually use cast iron teapots on a wood stove that burns traditionally, but you can also use your good-old gas stove for the job. Nowadays, cast iron teapots are meant to be used on gas stoves as well due to their more modern design. However, you should check first on the manufacturer if your teapot is safe for gas stoves.


How do you heat tea in a cast iron teapot?

To heat up tea in your cast iron teapot, follow these simple guidelines for loose leaf tea:


  1. Use warm water to warm your cast iron teapot before actually using it.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of your preferred loose leaf tea per 200 mL of water onto the tea infuser.
  3. Use a kettle to boil the water and then add it to the teapot. Keep the lid on the infuser.
  4. Let your tea steep for a certain time depending on the kind of tea that you have. It can be anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes, but the key is you’ll get a sweeter blend if you brew it in less time.
  5. Remove the infuser from the setup and enjoy your brewed tea of choice.



As a whole, a cast iron teapot is a great choice for when you want to brew your favorite tea in the most traditional way. It is not only durable but is also quite classy and authentic in its looks. We hope you liked our top picks for a good cast iron teapot!