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Clean a Panini Press

How to Clean a Panini Press?

Planning to cook sandwich in a panini press yet a bit hesitant due to the mess that that cooking process might cause you? Well, there is nothing to worry about as you can already clean panini press at its simplest and easiest way possible. This gives you confidence and peace of mind knowing that you can now cook sandwiches in panini press without worrying on how to properly clean it after.

Cleaning Panini Press After It’s Use

One of the most important ways to maintain your panini press good quality  features again is to clean it every after use. You may be tempted to make use of scouring pad, knife or chemical scrubber in cleaning your panini press. But, such cleaning materials need to be prevented since this may just damage your panini press.

Unplug The Panini Press

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The first cleaning step for panini press is to immediately unplug it after its use. Let the grill cool down for about few minutes or even an hour before you continue to clean the entire panini press.

Using Damp Paper Towel

After letting the panini press cool down, you may now make use of a damp type of paper towel in wiping some crumbs in the press. This is also an essential way to remove some oil residues in the grill.

Using Soapy and Warm Water

With a small  quantity of soap and warm water, you may now scrub the surface of the panini press firmly. You need to pay extra attention to the groves of the press where’s a huge amount of oils is usually trapped.  If your panini press has removable plates, you are required to soak it in the water or even place them in a dishwasher.

Cleaning Panini Press Stubborn Residue

If your panini press has stubborn residue which still is sticking, you may try wrapping it with a damp type of dishcloth. You may rub it also few times to assure that the residue will remove. If you’ve tried all the necessary cleaning procedures but you’re not getting the best cleaning result, then it’s best to ask assistance from the manufacturer for cleaning instructions.

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Without proper and regular cleaning process of your panini press, bakes and oils will sit into its grill which may cause permanent stains. For such scenario, most of the panini press manufacturers are not making recommending the use of any type of spray. To make sure that you’re following the right cleaning process, you may always take a closer look at the manufacturers cleaning manual. This is an essential way to prevent further damage to your panini press specifically when stains and other residues are already present in the grill.

Are you still hesitant to try using panini press? Well, with the  mentioned  above cleaning tips and steps, you’re assured that using this panini press and cleaning it every after use is simple and easy. Why not try to make use of the mentioned  above tips to acquire the best panini press cleaning results you’ve always wanted?

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