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How to Use a Panini Press?

Panino is an American grilled type of cheese sandwich. It is also called Panini in the United States which is the plural form of Panino. This is a hearty sandwich which is primarily made from vegetables, sauce, cheese and rustic bread. This is also considered to be a great type of comfort food that offers delicious, toasty and warm feeling.

Making this panini is a creative and fun activity since you can eventually make this bread in different ways you wanted. Well, in making a panini, you need to make use of a panini press to acquire great and delicious results that can satisfy your cravings.

Choose Either Portable or Electric Panini Press

Consider choosing either portable or an electric panini press. This is an essential way to make an authentic and delicious panini. When you choose an electric panini, the process is made simple and easy. All you have to do is to let the sandwich set into the press. Cover it until its timer bells or the light notifies you that the cooking process is already done.

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Portable panini can save you more counter space and electricity as it can be stored in some other pans. You just need to acquire a press from the edges of the raised grill hence you don’t need to flip both sides of the sandwich. In this type of panini press, you need to turn over the sandwich with the use of flat spatula or tong while pressing the sandwich on its other side.

Select Good Quality Bread

You need to choose a good quality type of bread in the bakery such as sour flour, ciabatta, or any type of rustic bread. You need to slice the bread into thick pieces. Select three up to four ingredients that can be used in your panini sandwich to assure that you can completely enjoy the flavors without being too overwhelmed with huge numbers of ingredients.

Putting Tasty Ingredients

You may now out some tasty ingredients in your panini as chicken pork, salmon and turkey. You may also add some vegetables like red bell peppers, zucchini and grilled onions. If you prefer to highlight vegetarian style, you can make use of basil, tomato as well as mozzarella.

Putting Cheese

In order to completely bind the sandwich, you may mow put an amount of cheese on your bread before you add something else. When you’ve noticed that the cheese is already melted, you can keep all other panini parts altogether. Make use of cheese that easily melts such as fontina, provolone, Gruyere and Gouda.

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Do Not Overstuff the Panini

Over stuffing your panini can lead to the possibility that it will not be cook fast and simple. This can also create some mess due to the fact that some ingredients might escape from your sandwich and others may overflow into your pan.

 Preheat the Panini Press

You may now preheat your panini press at its medium heat based from the instruction on the electric or portable panini press.

After putting the sandwich, you may now spray or brush each side of the sandwich with canola, olive oil or butter. Place the sandwich on a panini press and completely cover it with grill press. Each sandwich side needs to cooking at about 3 to 4 minutes or even up to 5 minutes until it turns golden brown.

Now, that you’re already aware of how to use a panini press, can you now make your own panini at the comfort of your home?

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